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    I've given up on playing the "traditional" way (I never actually finish...) so here I am for my first challenge (well, I've failed done the Nuzlocke challenge a couple times, but not since joining the forum).

    Name: Inkblots
    Game: (choosing at random...) LeafGreen
    Pokemon so far: Charmander, Butterfree, Pikachu, Mankey

    Don't know if you want the "play by play" but here it is anyway

    Day 1
    - Got Charmander and beat Gary's Squirtle
    - My ROM kept freezing up every time I tried to enter the Viridian Pokemart, so, after half an hour of downloading new copies of the ROM and a few different emulators (the one I was using was slow anyway...) finally got it to work and delivered Oak's package.
    - Pass by the PokeCenter in Viridian in case I needed to come back later.
    - Caught Caterpie in Viridian Forest.
    - Stocked up on potions/antidotes/etc. in Pewter Pokemart
    - Evolved Caterpie, and trained Charmander up to lvl 11
    - Headed home for a healing from Mom
    - Back up to Viridian Forest for more training
    - Game crashed, and I hadn't saved since before delivering Oak's package *cry*
    This is not going well so far. Possibly for the best that I have to practically start over though, since I kind of forgot about the 20 item limit and probably went over, lol.

    Day 2
    - Did everything the same as day 1 up to Pewter City, at which point I decided against going into the Mart
    - Caught Pikachu
    - Trained for a while, then headed home for a healing from Mom
    - Attempted to catch Mankey, but the game crashed... twice (luckily I'd saved just a minute before)
    - Finally caught Mankey. Not my first choice for fighting pokemon, but I really needed one if I was going to get past Brock.
    - Train for a LONG time, being really careful to avoid anything that I couldn't knock out in one or two turns and/or could poison my pokemon (since I've only got one antidote and no potions).
    - Get Charmander up to level 16, with Metal Claw. Figure okay, I can probably take Brock now (note to self, don't be so damn cocky)
    - Go to the Pokemon Center, then stock up on potions and such from the PokeMart
    - Get past the first trainer no problem, but... well, let's just say I'd forgotten about Onyx's Rock Tomb.
    So, crap. Game over for me then, that didn't last long, lol.

    This was a great idea for a challenge. I'll almost definitely be trying it again at some point. It definitely meets the definition of "challenge," having to restrict healing so severely, and keep track of not just HP, but PP. Not to mention, it's great to get that slightly scared feeling when you go into a battle, because you know if you mess up, you're going to lose, only have one or two useable pokemon for the next little while, or at the very least have a pokemon's training screwed up and be forced into a battle underprepared. Way more interesting than the traditional way of playing
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