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    I'm going to say Pokemon, I could tolerate Team Rocket doing their motto + blasting off every episode a lot more then 50 Digimon having to Digivolve, but by the same token I'd take the first two seasons of Digimon any day over anything after Season 5 of Pokemon. After Ash battled Gary in the Johto League and they ditched Misty, Pokemon has gone downhill in my opinion. Even when Ash went back to Kanto, we never saw any of the old school characters from Season 1, show just continued with a bunch of fillers and is a chore to even watch for me.

    Thing I felt Digimon missed out on was sticking to their core characters, I've always thought it would of been neat to see how the original gang develop in their older years since unlike Pokemon, characters actually aged in that show, lol. Just my opinion though.
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