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    Thanks sir. And let me explain about my reason for the no Poke Ball gimic. So you're playing the game and the game is made to be exactly like the Manga right? What happens if you don't capture a certain Pokemon? Well then an unnecessary cut scene is shown. I feel that this game should be more about the Manga experience. We've all had the Pokemon experience already, there isn't to much of a difference you just aren't able to capture certain Pokemon until the game is over. Ensuring that you felt the Manga experience at the end of the game.

    To me this isn't just a Pokemon game, it's a tribute to the Manga. And I feel the Manga is much more unappreciated compared to the anime. Make sense? But thank you for your input on that, I was waiting to see a reaction on that to be honest. And I checked out your thread not to long ago.
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