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    Seems cool to me. "Reserving" a spot (well not really a reservation, since you don't do that)

    Also, are there two types of losing, fainting and dying? So pokemon can faint as well as die?

    Will get SU up soon.

    EDIT: finished~


    Name: Logan Zephrulos
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16

    Personality: Quick to speak his mind, and even quicker to think up of a witty comment, Logan is smart, sly, cunning and witty, along with a sarcastic (and sometimes sadistic) sense of humor. Logan is often underestimated by his opponents an rivals, and while he may not look like much, he can usually think his way out of any situation. His brain is stronger than his brawn; he is not strong physically and is pretty slow due to his small legs.

    More on that last sentence; Logan is as weak as a magikarp. He cannot run, he cannot lift anything heavy, he cannot jump, he cannot punch, kick, etc etc. What he lacks in his skimpy arms, he makes up with brains. He is terrifyingly smart, smarter than lots of scientists (Logan is a scientist himself).

    Logan is also overtalkative, and though he keeps a few secrets, mostly anything will come out of his mouth. At times, he will randomly spew complex mathematical algorithms. When explaining things, Logan gets unnecessarily detailed, and often leaves the recipient of his explanation in somewhat of a daze. He is usually cheerful, funny, enjoyable, and in general, good company, but on occasion he can snap and really hurt someone's feelings. Built on that, he has somewhat of an alternate personality, which shows up if you piss him off. In this mood, he is arrogant, angry and will piss you off if you say anything to him. Due to being physically incapable, he cannot do much to you, but he does have a mouth, and once he is through with you, you'll have to go through three months wort of therapy to heal the wounds he has inflicted.

    Appearance: Logan is extremely short, standing at a meager 4' 3". He hates the fact that he's the shortest person everywhere he goes, and wears clothing to make him look taller; he always wears platform shoes, and is never seen without his dark green and black trench coat. He wears baggy dark-blue jeans, and wears a variety of graphic t-shirts. His skin is a light tan, and his face is unblemished, except for a small red scar on his left cheek. Logan's eye's are a neon green color, and they seem to be looking at everything at once, darting around and observing, taking in everything and making calculations in his mind. However, at the same time, they seem to be full of life and excitement. Below these eyes are a dash of freckles. Emerald green goggles rest on his forehead.

    Logan has a small round nose, and small pink lips. The tips of his ears are slightly pointed, and it looks like he has no earlobes. Logan's hair is a dark-coffee color, and hangs around and over his ears, concealing the elvin tips. His hair is straight and shiny, almost matted down on the top of his head, and loose towards the sides. His hair covers his forehead, and partially covers his thin eyebrows. He has short legs, and arms that reach just above his knees. Each finger ends in a sharp nail. At his waist is a belt, partially hidden by the trench coat. The belt carries many gadgets; some creations of Logan himself. A small communication device is at the right of the belt, and mechanical arms hang at the left, concealed by the coat. A variety of other mechanical tools and weapons are on that belt. A large steel buckle sits on the center of the belt.

    History: Born in a big city in Kanto, Logan was born to parents who technically lived in their office. His dad was a scientist and inventor hired by a big company to design and create products for them to sell, and his mother worked as a computer engineer at the same company. Both were very smart and earned a lot of money, but they didn't have the time for Logan. Managing to put up with him and his antics and love for machinery for a few years, when Logan started first grade, he was sent off to a boarding school. Those years before the boarding school were happy for Logan; he would always be with his father, helping around the lab and drawing blueprints for his own machines in his notebook (they were complex, very complex, and he was a five-year-old, advanced far beyond his years). The boarding school wasn't bad for him either; he made many friends, and got (very) good grades. His teachers quickly realized the potential in the boy, and he was challenged with curriculum from other grades. Logan barreled through it, getting nearly everything right, and quickly grasping the concepts he didn't get. He spent a lot of time in the lab at the school, and made his own creations from his old blueprint book, including a pair of mechanical arms. Logan never felt the homesickness and longing for parental love some other students felt; Logan was right at home with his friends and machines.

    Starter: Pawniard

    Roleplay Example:
    looong, beware

    From Cries From the Other Side
    Ryan swore under his breath, wrapping his arm around the tree he was climbing and using the other hand to deftly pluck the wooden splinter in his palm. He glanced above him to look up at Shaman, who was already on the top branch. The pokemon looked down sarcastically, and rubbed one claw against the tree in a bored manner. Ryan sighed. The whole afternoon he had been racing Shaman up trees, each one on either side of the trunk. Azuki was in the house, sitting in Ryan's bedroom, probably meditating. Ryan's parents were at an unexpected conference at work.

    Ryan slid down the tree, his teeth clenched. As he hit the ground heavily, Shaman jumped nimbly from branch to branch, and landed on his toes. Ryan wiped sweat off his forehead. "Let's go inside."

    They walked back in through the back door- Ryan slumped over, his back hunched, mouth agape, eyes half closed and each step a heavy shuffle, while Shaman strode in, chest out, cocky smile plastered on his face. Ryan groaned once, then clumsily grabbed a coke from the fridge, left the door open, and hobbled to his room. Shaman peered inside the fridge, stabbed an apple with a claw, took ti out, and slammed the door shut. He took a bite out of the apple, and followed Ryan.

    Azuki was in Ryan's room, hovering over the bed, eyes closed. "Ryan, you've got an email from our friend anonymous." Ryan grunted in acknowledgement and slumped onto the chair. He straightened and looked the email. He clicked the notification bubble, then read the email. Ryan's eyebrows arched slowly upwards. "Says here I have to meet him in Davy's Road..." Noticing the confused look on Azuki and Shaman's face, Ryan continued. "It's an alleyway. Pretty close to the beach." Azuki shook her head. "Don't go. It's a trap. I can feel it." Ryan shrugged. "We can get out of traps. Me and Shaman are going."

    And so they went. Azuki wasn't coming along, as Ryan wasn't sure how the public would react to a giant flaming bird. Shaman could fit into a large backpack, and so, strapping that on, they strolled to Davy's Road.

    "Here we are," Ryan muttered. Ryan squinted, and at the very back, he could make out a human-like shape. "I think that's who we're meant to meet." Ryan walked forward.

    The man in front of them was pale, thin and gaunt. He almost looked like a glass statue; if he was tipped over, he would shatter into a million pieces. His waxy skin looked like saran wrap on a metal frame, and he had milky eyes that seemed to stare into all eternity. A thin brown fuzz- hair-covered his head.

    The man gave Ryan a shaky smile. "Hello, Ryan."

    Shaman popped his head out of the bag, and narrowed his eyes. He gave a small growl.

    The man's smile widened. "And Sneasel. Hello, boys."

    Ryan stayed mute.

    "Alright," the man said. "Let's get down to things. You were the wrong person. The letter wasn't meant to go to you. Release Sneasel."

    A pang of surprise hit Ryan, but he concealed it under his ego. Why wouldn't he be chosen?

    Instead, he asked "Are you the one who sent the email?"

    "Are you going to release your pokemon?"

    Ryan frowned. "No."

    The man glared at Ryan. "Boy, I have no time for this. Give me the pokemon!"


    "I will do what must be done. No interference! Die, Ryan Gorhoff! Go, Linoone!" At this, he produced a red and white ball. He pressed a button on it, and a red ray shot out, materializing in a sleek weasel shaped creature. Ryan assumed it was a pokemon. It was tan, and brown stripes ran across it's body. Sharp blue eyes stared at Ryan. Almost instinctively, Shaman jumped out of the back pack and landed in front of Ryan. Ryan grinned. "Time to kick weasel."

    Paleface smiled. "Good bye, Ryan Gorhoff. I will handle the pokemon, then take care of you. Linoone, use Quick Attack!"

    One second, Linoone was there, and the next second it wasn't. Linoone had jumped forward, then turned into a blur, speeding towards Shaman.

    "Shaman! Do something! I know... Uh... Ummff... Ah! Spin around like a ballerina, with your arms extended and claws out!!!" Shaman looked at Ryan quizically for a second, then nodded. Shaman gave an icy glare at the speeding pokemon, then stuck his arms and claws out, and started spinning. The linoone, having gained too much momentum, sped straight into the claws. Slash!! Linoone almost flew backward from the force of the blow. A long gash ran across it's belly. "Boo yeah! 1 point for Ryan!" Ryan screamed, doing a little dance.

    The man frowned. "Useless creature. Use Iron Tail, and this time actually hit the opponent!"

    Ryan raised one eyebrow. "Harsh."

    Linoone nodded, then closed it's eyes. When it opened them, it's tail was shiny and looked like iron. Linoone then rushed forward, jumping forward. Linoone stuck it's tail out in front of it, looking almost like a hornet. "Shaman, dodge!" Ryan yelled, feeling helpless. It was too late. Linoone raised it's tail, and slammed it on Shaman. Shaman fell to the floor, whimpering, and rolling in pain. The corners of the man's lip rose to form a grim smile. "Super effective. I'm actually surprised it didn't make Sneasel faint. But enough of these games. Linoone, ThunderPunch!"

    Linoone stood up on it's hind legs and reared up, pulling back it's front legs. One 'fist' glowed yellow, electricity crackling and sparking off of it. Then Linoone punched Shaman square on the stomach. Sparks flew and after they cleared, Ryan could make out Shaman sprawled across the floor, fainted. "Crap," muttered Ryan. He scooped up Shaman, and stuffed him in the back pack. The man smiled. "You see? Your efforts were fruitless. Linoone, kill." Ryan didn't answer. Instead, he furiously thought for a way out of this mess. The man had ordered the weasel to kill him. He coukd fight... No, he'd lose. Ryan wished he had listened to Azuki and stayed home. Or, if Azuki was here, he could have pounded that Linoone.

    Linoone stalked towards Ryan.

    Ryan thought harder. He could knock out the man...

    Linoone moved closer.

    He had to run. Ryan knew Hawaii better than the man. He would lose him in the backroads, then run home.

    Linoone rushed forward. Ryan bolted, running towards the main road.

    "Hyper Beam! Kill the boy!" yelled the man, who was far behind, his breath coming in heavy bursts.

    A ball of energy appeared in Linoone's mouth, getting bigger by the second. Sparks flew in and out of it.

    Ryan ran faster, making a sharp left, then turning into a backroad. He was safe.

    A minute later, Davy's Road exploded in a blast of light. Debris flew out from the alley. Ryan heard a shrill scream.

    Ryan didn't stop running until he reached his street. Panting, he stumbled to his house, opened the door, went inside and closed it.

    A second later, the click of a lock locking and the sound of bolts being drawn into place could be heard.

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