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    Ok dude, calm down. You post a discussion and debate and get mad you don't get responses you like?

    I GREW UP with Pokemon. I was 10 when I got my first copy of Blue. I still have my brother's copy of Red that I still play. Others in this thread have started Gen 3 or earlier as well. Just because we don't think the same way doesn't mean we are against you or against the theory, there just isn't enough Canon proof to support it.

    And as others have said, this is a creation theory. Which came first the Chicken or the Egg. No one can answer that, we all know this. Gamefreak has told us which came first in this regard though.

    You slowly changed your posts from, here is my support and my theory, to its my opinion I don't care what everyone else says cause you are all wrong. Gamefreak gave us the information that we used to make our conclusions and a 6 page thread is a pretty healthy discussion.

    Just cool your jets and be the open minded person you are claiming to be.

    No we don't agree with your theory. We even say things that we don't agree with other's parts of the theory. Mine is different than Voice Rocker's. I don't believe Arceus directly created Mew. I think Mew came along MUCH later. We know Arceus created the Space/Time/Dimension Dragons and the three Spirits. I believe he created Groudon/Kyogre/Rayquaza as well. Legends like the Regis I don't believe he created. I believe they are human made since they are Golem like in thought and the way they act.

    There are many different opinions on creation.