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    I would like to join this role play please here is my SU

    Name: Cole Griffin

    Nickname: The Gardevoir Lord

    Age: 16

    Sex: Male

    Appearance: Dark Brown shaggy hair, Dark green eyes, Long brown side burns, Lime green raggy shirt untucked, Blue dirt stained jeans untucked over his black leather work boots, Black wrist length work gloves, And a ring on his ring finger.

    Personality: On first glance cole looks like he wants to be left alone with a face that says "Get away from me" obviously is a person that most people would avoid. But actually hes very friendly he will open doors for people, Help pokemon out of traps set by team rocket, And volunteer to help out at the pokecenter...but only when you get to know him for he is terrible at socializing with people becuase for most of his life he lived in a lab with his parents and rarely saw anyone else. But the pokemon his parents or the rare visits made by their boss and head of team rocket giovanni. So becuase
    of the rare amount of socializing he is shy and doesnt make direct eye contact with anyone he meets. Usually when anyone talks to him for the first time he will either ignore the person or reply with a simple "Oh..hey" or just wave his hand.

    History: Raised by his parents who both worked for team rocket cole saw first hand as to what they have done to the pokemon that left him horrified all of his life. It wasnt until he was 16 years old that he thought that enough was enough one night while his parents were being sculded by their boss giovanni. He let most of the pokemon out of there cages letting them escape. Except for one pokemon which he kept for himself a ralts that was bruised up to it's neck. So he took the ralts with him and escaped from the facility leaving his parents forever. While running he came across the viridian forest where he decided to make camp at for a few months. While camping there many more gardevoir,kirlias and ralts started to visit either because of his ralts or because the eroma of his food cooking. What ever the case was they always visited him frequently and would even sleep in his tent. Because of the little space he got he bought at least 50 tents from the local town just a few miles from the viridian forest. Which he set up for the gardevoirs and kirlias to sleep in. As the gardevoirs came and went quite a few of them followed him into town when he was getting supplies earning him the nickname "The Gardevoir Lord" a name that he personally didn't like because he didn't find himself a lord of anything. As the months passed he started to bond with the gardevoirs, kirlias etc but with the gardevoirs especially as they always seemed to follow him everywhere
    . Rumors quickly started to emerge when a trainer who was training his beedrill in the viridian forest saw cole kissing a gardevoir on the cheek. Quickly he was acused of having relations with the gardevoir however no hard evidence can prove this other than the fact that he was wearing what seemed like a wedding ring and occasionaly holding the gardevoirs hand. But cole never let these rumors get to him either because it wasnt true or he just didn't care.

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