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    Chapter 1: Chosen
    The warm sunlight of the early morning dappled in to greet the unopened eyes of a trainer to be. A petite body wrapped in a pile of untamed blankets writhed and turned as the weight of sleep was lifted. The girl slowly peeked her head out of the covers revealing turquois eyes which seemed undecided if they wanted to turn completely blue or green. Young Kismet rose out of the covers, or rather lumbered, and made her way towards the downstairs kitchen of her two story home. Her mother stood at the bottom of the stairs staring intently at her. Kismet scratched her head.

    "I know I know, I'm late. I was just too excited to sleep last night." She gave a sheepish smile and earned a smile from her mother who retreated into the kitchen for breakfast. Kismet eagerly followed.

    "So any news mom?"

    Her mother bent down to pet the family pet, a rather large Purugly. It hissed at Kismet as she approached who in turn hissed back at the cat Pokemon. This got a glare from her mother but she shrugged it off. She went through her apron pulling out a card which had Kismet's name on it and the official seal of the town's professor Samuel Oak. Kismet grew wide eyed.

    "It says, 'To the Parents of Kismet Trainer 098-8876
    After rigorous testing, your daughter has passed the Viridian City Trainer School's most advanced tests with flying colors. I was notified by one of her professors and my esteemed college Dr. Gemston that she should begin her Pokemon journey right away. I have a Pokedex ready for her and the scanner is primed for the selection process. I'd be pleased if you signed the consent form and sent her over with it as soon as possible.

    Best Regards,

    Prof. Samuel Oak."

    Kismet could barely contain her excitement. It wasn't like her mother to agree to such a dangerous idea so quickly. But there was her mother's signiture at the bottom of the page. Kismet went to reach out for it but it was quickly snatched away.


    "Now then missy. I expect you to call home every night. Don't talk to anyone you don't know. I know Team Rocket is gone and everything but there are still bad people out there. I don't want my Kizzy to get hurt. Please honey, be careful."

    Kismet sighed smiling. Of course her mother was still going to be upset over the idea. Professor Oak probably had to call her personally in order to convince her it was the right thing to do.

    "I will mom." That was all she could say. Her aquamarine eyes turning emerald in the glittering sunlight of the open kitchen window. She could smell it, the adventure, the dirt... it was all waiting for her.

    "You're late."

    A voice from behind her startled her but she quickly realized who it was. Daniel sat down next to her having invited himself into the home. It wasn't an uncommon thing for the town of Pallet. Everyone knew everyone so it was safe.

    "Ah Daniel, I was just about to call you." Her mother exclaimed.

    Kismet blushed, turning away; she always felt wierd around him.

    "Yup, I'm here to take Kizzy to the lab. Looks like I'm going too." He held up his own version of the acceptance letter proudly. Kismet gasped, excited she would be sharing this moment with her best freind.

    "Well, no time to lose. Later." He was always so casual but that didn't bother Kismet's mother who quickly shooed her daughter out the door with the boy. The sunlight momentarily blinded her but as her eyes succumbed, the began to take in the sights of Pallet Town. It was home to some of the toughest trainers the world had ever seen like the infamous Red who disappeared a few years ago. It was a well spaced town full of farmlands and tiny houses atop smoothly rolling hills. The weather was quite stable. At the south end was the entrance to an ocean route that lead directly to Cinnabar Island. However, the quaint sights of Pallet town were no longer in her mind as she broke into a run, speeding towards a rather large and impressive building. It was Oak's lab: a large, 1 story complex complete with a titanic backyard housing several Pokemon that the professor studied. Without speaking, both kids made thier way to the front automated sliding doors and came upon a familiar sight.

    Professor Oak stood firmly facing the door that Kismet and Daniel had come through. He was waiting for them.

    "Hello Kismet." He said smiling. "And this must be Daniel. Well, both of you are in for a treat." He sighed quickly before picking up his speach.

    "This world is covered with amazing but dangerous creatures called pokemon..." he began his usual, compulsary speech before calling them both over to a large white machine. "This computer chooses your partner pokemon based on your personality," explained the Professor. "Just place your hand on the scanner and it will display 3 pokemon for your choosing" and with that, Kismet raised her hand and hovered it over the machine, not sure in what to expect.

    The screen whirled around black shapes of potential Pokemon. Like a casino slot machine, the three slots started to fill up with the dark sillouetts. BEEP! All three slots filled up with the sillouettes of Pokemon. Kismets eyes whirled as the sillouettes skimmed past the screen, this was such an exciting moment! She leant against the machine with her other hand, her remaining hand still on the scanner. Finally the first slot halted.

    "Snivy.." she said, bemused in unison to the automated voice. The third slot slowed down and finally stopped too, a large shadow formed "Tropius?" it was an unusual pokemon, but rather cute at the same time. Her eyes focused on the remaining slide, the middle one ticked slowly and time itself seems to slow as Kismet waiting anxiously before making a big decision. It stopped. "...Electrike?" she smiled as she turned to the Professor,

    "That one~" she said confidently. The professor nodded

    "Good Choice." He said, as he pressed a few buttons and a red and white pokeball emerged infront of Kismet.

    "Press the middle button.." He mused, and she did as he said. Pressing the button lightly, a brilliant red light flashed, and then there was a small green dog-like pokemon, it barked, looking up at Kismet. The Electrike reached the top of her knee.She sat down infront of it and looked at it openly.

    " 'lectrike" she called, wanting it to come to her. It approached her slowly, sniffing her shoe and her bag, before finally yipping and crawling onto her lap.

    "I think he's warmed up to you, Kismet" She smiled and picked up Electrike in her arms and thanked the prof. She went outside and quickly retreated outside to wait for Daniel. She played with Electrike in the meantime

    "Oh, before i forget..." she reached into her bag and pulled out a ribbon with a gold bell on it. "I thought i should buy my very first partner a i got you think, Electrike!" she cooed as she tried to put it around its neck. It sat there awkwardly at first, letting her put it on him, and once that was done, he yipped and tried to kick it off.

    " Oh! Sorry Electrike.. Is it itchy?" she said as she took it off, a little dissapointed, but smiled as the dog pokemon barked and ran around her feet.

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