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    Hey all.hope u all are doing good and fine. I didnt know a thing about hacking...a couple of years ago,but only because of new pokemons i started getting the grip. After several attempts i can easily now insert sprites,use YAPE at some extend(dont know why but it crashes when using on hacked roms),can change pokemons and items name.and then i decided to make a hack to have all pokemons in gba rom. I tried using jambo 51,s patch,but couldn.t go much ahead after inserting sprites and enabling national dex,because of extreme hexing.
    So i came back to i am adding new things in the famous hack pokemon light platinum bt weesely,i have added several gen 5 pokemons,removes several others and repetitive pokemons,got pokedex entries of some right,changed name added fakemons extra. Now i have added a lots of new maps.these will act as a side mini get pokemart here,with masterballs,nurse joy,people giving stuff and pokemons.and here the problem started-1. i want a person to give a pokemon,but not more than once.that doesn,t work.the setflag didnt worked.iwanted them to give several new pokemons,fakemons,but only once. 2.i created several trainer mansion and lairs,fyll of champions and trainer. I want that i can go their and fight all the trainers,and then face the champion,having pokemons at level 100- but again and again. That is I want a rebattle script.write now i have a script,but with that i can fight only once.when i return to the sprite agin,nothing happens. I used pokescript for above two scripts.
    3.i am re creating a event for tornadus,thundurus,landorus. I want that when i stand in front of the house in one of my map,a man comes out and make me follow him inside,then recite the whole history of the trio. I already have the map,and script to fight these pokemons prepared.just want this movement script.
    4.similarly,when i enter a house in one other map of mine,i want a man there,when i talk to him he will ask me to go take a sleep on the map.only this much movement script i want.after that i can put a warp on bed itself,and make my player go to a different map to fight darkrai,as in diamond and pearl,and after fight warped back to my bed.
    5.also if somehow i carry kaldeo to special part of map,kaldeo jumps out of pokeball,and then virizion,terrakin n cobalion come,and teach him a move,and kaldeo a movement,move tutor and evolution script.6. When i enter a place,a person teaches a move to my meleotta,learning which my meleotta transforms into piourette forme.
    7. I already made white orb,black orb,and gladecia flower item to transform kyurem to its two form,and shaymin to its.I want to give proper respect to these legendaries,hence i am asking for these script.or else cud have easily given them the easy wild battle script. And someone plz tell,after i get the script ready,if I get,then what to do next to compile it into a rom.I mean there is no compile button or so.
    If someone got the time and patience to answer me and provide me the simple,usable,tested script,I shall be forever thankfull to him/her/them.
    This rom is entirely for personal use so I can have all my favs in one rom with all events and plz anyone help...
    Hope to find a reply soon. Till then take care you all.and thanks to all scripter,gamers,programmers for providing these amazing tools,without which we could have only dreamed of such possibilities- sign off....
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