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Hey Guys,
Lately my girlfriend and I have picked up Pokemon games again
and we've made it like a little competition to see who can level up and get the coolest pokemon etc, and we often have battles. But lately she is kicking me in the behind when we fight. She doesn't have a great set of pokemon either, Monferape Lv. 43, Luxray Lv. 42, togepi Lv. 32, Febbas Lv. 26 against my Arcanine Lv. 42 Gyradose Lv. 41 and Electivire Lv. 41.

She now has a full team with two unknown Pokemon and Febbas evolved into Milotic. Can you guys suggest another 3 pokemon for my team, preferably with one that can fly. Also haven't beat the Elite Four yet as we made like a deal to enter at the same time and see who can beat them all first, so i'm waiting for her to get there.

Thanks guys
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