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    Thanks for some insight! Lemme see what I can respond to. Most of these are problems I have no intention to have in my next hack, but I can say why most of these are here.

    The strength problem is really just something I can't fix! A-Tack immediately closes if I click on strength, so there was really nothing I could do with my amateur hacking skill. Granted, I should have asked how to go into the code or something and fix it without the editor, but I just left it. It's not a very serious hack anyways, so I didn't think it would seem entirely out of place. (Legendaries that refuse to disappear are a matter of me not noticing them before it was too late. I'll be scripting my next hack instead of borrowing everything, so I'll just end up testing everything anyways.)

    The Old man functions as sort of a running gag, as does the player's mother. "Making sense" isn't exactly the point of this hack! Whether or not that's a bad thing is up to interpretation.

    Nobody's ever complained about poorly blocked paths before, but I completely agree! That's awful and I should have done more map editing on those routes.

    I only recall a few trainers where I went against the almighty rules on Pokemon types, but I also don't remember trying to give them anything specific. I wanted to avoid redundancy, and if an area had a lot of hikers, I probably did some things that don't make much sense.

    The Pokemon having struggle thing is a small mistake, but I definitely didn't leave anything with struggle. You're probably thinking of things like Kakuna, Silcoon, Cascoon, and Metapod. The game only allows for them to have two or so moves (I could probably fix that but never thought about trying), so they learn plenty of moves prior to evolution (which is at level 35-ish in this game), and then a few afterwards. Unfortunately, trainer Pokemon defaulted to having moves learned up to that level, which caused some of them to have struggle.

    As for the trainer with the Ponyta that have weird moves, he's based off a friend of mine who happens to be quite the fan of My Little Pony. The moves are based on the characters. That is insanely ridiculous and probably bad for the hack itself, but since my next hack is more serious, things like that won't happen again.

    Trainer texts are a problem, but my next hack is set in a new region, so everything will be changed to be appropriate.

    Oops. The Vs. Seeker is really hard to work around, but I probably won't hack Fire Red again (I hate its tileset), so that shouldn't be a problem.

    The only mistake I made on evolution requirements was not telling everyone that I changed the requirements for trade evolutions in the first post, because I thought it was a given. (They're stone evolutions.)

    Rock tunnel was probably a terrible design choice, but I tried to have NPCs before it tell you to bring ethers. I never mentioned that you can buy them in Lavender mart, though. Rock Tunnel is supposed to be funny due to how outrageously stupid and dickish it is. (Without actually being hard: The Pokemon there should be about seven levels under yours when you get there.) I've gotten great reception for the "overused joke" at the end, though, so I'll just say that's your opinion!

    So basically this hack isn't professional or serious at all, and was meant to be funny while still working gameplay-wise. I'm not really sure if that worked (reception of it has been pretty mixed, but the negative reactions have always been the most thought out), but I probably won't do it again.

    ...I've said "it'll be better in my next hack" a lot now. I actually have enough progress to post a thread in the "progressing hacks" forum, so I may go ahead and do that now.
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