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    I'm a big fan of this hack and I'd like to contribute to it. Freely. I don't feel like to take part to the crew, because if I do It would feel like a job and it wouldn't be fun. I just want to give you a hand because this game is amazing!
    I like doing sprites. My primary skill is that one.
    I haven't taken part in any hack, this is my first time, I know zero about hacking roms and I admire you all for this.

    I made a few things, not sure you like these. (-they're attached-. I haven't reached 15 posts so I can't post them from other websites )
    They're mainly from the battle.

    I'm a big fan of this hack, but it... lacks a little in the backsprites battle.. (no offence) so, I wanted to give you a little contribute by drawing some sprites.
    If you want I'll help you, but for a little time: in less than a month I'll start university so I'll be a little troubled

    Btw.. you can also not credit me, I'm doing this just for fun
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