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    @Despondency - Thank you for letting me know, I completely understand. (If I didn't I'd be a major hypocrite) Just get your post up when you can, no worries, and I'll look forward to your post C:

    @Nimblethumbs - The Dice is unforgiving, better lick next time. So you know, if there's any Pokémon you'd like you can always trade with someone that did get it later on.

    And here's my character, since it was about time. This is the first time I participate in a roleplay I'm GM-ing, just to clear things up I will be rolling the Dice for myself too. The Dice is impartial and ruthless, even to me.

    Name: Robin Margherita Fisher


    Age: 20

    Personality: Robin is a surfer girl all the way, she has that aloof and careless personality that seems to come with the territory. Hardly anything is worth stress and worry for her, she's very laid-back all the time, something that can really annoy those around her. She's also very reckless, feeling that whatever happens, she'll be fine. She rushes into situations without thinking about consequences at all. She'll see what it brings her.

    Robin is a do-er, definitely ot a thinker. She doesn't think things through and one can hardly call her intelligent. She goes with the flow, and only with that. The whole reason she's doing this Pokemon journey thing is to delay the question of what she's going to do with her life. She wants to enjoy it for as long as she can without having to worry about the future. Robin is also incredibly unpredictable, she does things on a whim whenever she feels like it. She's chaotic and definitely not someone you can depend on. If you ask something of her the real question is if she;d actually do it, more likely she'll forget about it. Oops, sorry.

    Robin is also a bit of an adrenaline junky. She likes the rush of doing things that most would consider dangerous, something that drew her to surfing in the first place. She loves taking the big waves up to the point where everyone, including her, thinks she's going to wipe out and then pull out of it right on time. She's never been particularly interested in Pokemon battling, for her it's mostly a means for delay, nothing more. She does admit that she likes the thrill of battle though, it gives a similar effect as if she is in danger herself.

    Appearance: Robin has long dirty blonde hair that, when loose, comes about to her waist. She hardly ever wears it loose though, it's most often in a high ponytail or a braid of some sort. The hair is a bit stringy from constant exposure to salty water and sunshine, as well as a bit of neglect from Robin. Robin's eyes are seagreen, standing out against her golden tanned skin, she's a beach girl through and through. Robin is quite tall, 1.90 m, with an athletic build. Her arms and legs especially are quite muscular, she's been using them to surf and swim for as long as she can remember. Her face is full of freckles, another side-effect of the sun, with a pointy, up-turned nose, large eyes and unplucked eyebrows. Her lashes are as blond as her hair and as she doesn't use make-up it looks like she doesn't have any.

    Robin always wears a swimsuit underneath her clothes, she has a simple navy bathingsuit of the athletic kind, showing the flat stomach and equally flat chest. Over it she wears a simple white tanktop and red board shorts. She als has a white wind jacket with red details against the rain and colder weather. On her feet she has simple white trainers and for her stuff she has big back-packers backpack with a sleeping bag at the top and all of her supplies inside. She always carries a towel and swim goggles, and now it contains Pokémon gear as well as food and a spare change of clothes.

    History:Robin's always led a careless life in Mossdeep city with her family. Her parents, Wayne and Claire Fisher, are both scientists at the space center with her older brother, Cardinal, busy studying to join them. Being the youngest child had its perks, while her parents already had a son to follow them into science, Robin was always left to her own devices. There was still pressure to succeed though, she was always expected to be as smart as her brother and parents, but she simply wann't. Intead, whenever she had any spare time, she didn't know how quickly she should get to the beach.

    Robin'd been spending afternoons swimming and playing there sincen she could remember. At age 8 she befriended the people who introduced her to surfing, first starting with bodyboarding and then moving on to the real stuff. That took over her life, every afternoon was spent surfing and not studying. Her parents tried to keep her home with rules and regulations but it simply didn't work, she'd just stare at te sea through the window, imagining riding the waves. She's been in quite a few local competitions, even winning a few.

    When she finished school Robin just kept surfing, not doing anything, as if it were a year-round summer vacation. Needless to say her parents weren't too thrilled, it seemed as if she might never move out and find a place for herself in the world. Her parents were adamant that she should continue to study, joining a university. Robin would have nothing of that. She wasn't dumb enough to know that she wasn't smart enough to go to uni, or motivated enough to go to college. She just wanted to surf, to swim, to have fun. With continued pressure from her parents, and even a few moving-out-threats, Robin decided to prolong her sentence to study by becoming a Pokémon trainer for a year. That was the deal, one year and then she'd see what she'd do. Her parents couldn't very well refuse her as it was what they had done themselves in the day. So there Robin went.

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