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    Lyra appeared sometime after HgSs was release irc...
    There were several hints in DP's anime as May appeared much like Misty did during the Hoenn saga. Plus Dawn went to Hoenn according to the special, for contests (though...did she take a break,finished, or said special not canon...) like How May went to Johto.
    We haven't seen much Gen VI pokémon either... I know Gen IV's anime didn't have any until the end either but it's strange for two generations in a row to wait until the end to show new pokémon...
    If anime went to Hoenn much like how there was a return to Kanto in gen III's saga, I have no idea what it'll be about though...I guess they could put Sinnoh/Johto Bf in anime Hoenn ...

    I guess if we're going by remakes don't count than this gen is over as of tommorow for us in the US...

    I'm hoping that they add some clues either for remakes or gen VI soon as I'm starting to think this is the end...
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