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    Hello! Well, I decided to revive a game that was called "Make Your Own Event Pokémon", which is still in this forum, but was locked because it became dead. It's simple. Create your very own event Pokémon! And then the next poster rates it and/or comments about it (its usefulness, its weaknesses, etc.). And here, I've added something. Event TCG cards can also be made!

    Here's an example of how it'd work.

    Puppy: Lugia Lv.10 @TwistedSpoon
    -Psycho Boost -Roost -Calm Mind -Aeroblast
    Mac: 5/5 Great Lugia. It'd be awesome offensively.
    Dialga Lv.100 @Adamant Orb
    -Spacial Rend -Roar of Time -Shadow Force -Judgment

    And so on. You may add as many details to your very own event, like Wonder Card title and description, Pokédex details, and more. And you can actually add a few new stuff to your event, like a new Forme, a new item, a new move and more!

    Well, let's hope this doesn't die like the old one. My event Pokémon...

    Pokémon: White/Black (dependent on game, B2/W2) Kyurem, Lv.100
    Moves: Bolt Strike/Blue Flare (dependent on game, B2/W2)
    Fusion Flare/Bolt (dependent on game, B2/W2)
    Freeze Shock/Ice Burn (dependent on game, B2/W2)
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