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    Raike Destan: Human Contractee


    -Raike glared at Venius as he was handed the plain set of cloths and told that his normal attire would not be allowed in the games. His right hand trembled resisting the urge not to steal Venius in his modified face. Instead of the usual running shoes, Raike chose to wear the boots, as they were the closest to his own set. Before he left he actually had a type of funeral for his clothes, saying a few words over them before leaving the room and following Venius to the vehicle that would transport them to the hovercraft port. He completely shuts out the crowds and noise as he tried to concentrate on his game plan for the arena and if he would go for weapons or cover first, trying to calculate possible killboxes and safe havens.

    Inside the vehicle he ordered only light food, so he wouldn't be weighed down or have to involuntarily bring up what he had eaten. He drank only only a few glasses of water and leaned back in his seat, closing his eyes and trying to grab a few more z's. As the vehicle pulled into the hovercraft port, his eyes opened and he looked outside the window at the building, taking in every detail of it. He then glanced back at Venius with a grin that showed acceptance as well as a heavily pitying look.

    As Raike walked into the building he shook my head slowly with a sad smile. ~Venius really thinks that he's his own man here in this corrupted district. How muddled are the minds of these people, that they don't realize when they are being controlled and fooled into thinking they are in control.~ Instead of loathing them, Raike began to feel sorry for all of them in the sense that they weren't truly aware of their situation and their surroundings; even high ranking individuals such as Venius. He stepped onto the hovercraft without any sound, only glancing behind him to see Nokoto climb into another hovercraft before she was shielded from his view by the walls of his own craft.

    Landing inside some sort of subterranean base, he was escorted by two guards into a room containing the capsule that he would eventually enter and rise to the arena the devious game masters had created to torture them. There were many things to consider about the arena, first of all being that no one was ever sure what it was going to be, location wise. Another thing would be the inhabitants... inhuman, vicious inhabitants nicknamed freaks for shortness sake. He walked over to one of the not too distant walls and leaned against it, glaring at the capsule and crossing his arms. This room would be the last place he would likely be able to see, a plain room with naught besides the tube.-
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