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Originally Posted by Yuzuru Otonashi View Post
Have you ever played a game where fatigue is a thing? It does nothing but make games extremely tedious. It doesn't add more feeling, it makes it so that you constantly have to worry if you're going to have an issue with that unit/character/etc.
If you have EVER played Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, you should know this. There was maybe, /2/ times where the Fatigue system in that game meant something besides "OH HEY I CAN'T RUN NOW STUPID GAME, GUESS I BETTER WALK" or "I HAVE TO WAIT, OH WELL"

It wasn't fun, it was tedious. It wasn't hard, it was time consuming. If I was being honest, which I will be, the Fatigue system kept it from being my favorite Zelda game.

Now, let's transfer it to Pokemon! Let's take a game where the AI already can hit you 5 times with multi attack moves everytime, randomly crit you after you heal, AND make it to where one attack that would have done over half their damage the first time do only a quarter the next, and add a system that most likely wouldn't make a dent on the AI and instead pull you down into the mud.

Sounds wonderful to me. :'D
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