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Originally Posted by Darthrai View Post
Actually, the Lenora redesign made sense in my opinion - from what I read, they even recursively applied it to Japan too. She seemed like less of a racist stereotype and more of a positive character in the English version, and IMO it's one of the few good censorship changes they've made (along with Jynx).

Being frozen alive being a "fate worse than death" is probably unintentional Fridge Horror rather than an honest attempt on their part to keep Ghetsis scary while censoring. They're probably trying to give the impression that Nate/Rosa are just frozen in the same (relatively minor) way that Pokemon are frozen during battles. >.<

You know things are bad when the ANIME is the incarnation of the franchise that uses "kill" and "die" the most often.

EDIT: And meanwhile, the game has this in it too... inconsistent standards anyone?
Woa, that was something new to me
I always though that Lenora's "apron" supposed to keep the dust away from her clothes while see cleaning up relics and stuff.
Well, it just me but I never saw Lenora as racist stereotype whatsoever. Because yeah, her character

Unintentional Fridge Horror, yeah so damned true >__>
Does Nintendo give a further thought about this when censoring? It already gave me the chill how Ghetsis keeps you alive while he doing his evil deeds. Its the same when Bane keeps Batman alive just toa make sure he witness the destruction of Gotham. Even Batman ask someone to kill him outright.

I even vote poll number 2 for the sake of sarcasm

EDIT: uhh, what that picture supposed to mean? Is the biker getting......

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