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    This thread reeks of unwanted change to your nostalgia

    For the record, Lugia/Ho-oh and Suicune are important to HGSS, and HGSS are superior to Crystal, at least in plot.

    Hilda's design was awful. She looked like Miley Cyrus.

    The Physical/Special split is ome of the most important things in the history of the series. Like extremely.

    I will agree that the number of legends is out of hand.

    I suppose if Klink, Conhagrigus, and Gurrdurr are obviously lazy design that shows their running out of ideas, they shoulda stopped after Gen 1, because Magnemite, Voltorb, and Jynx show they were running out of ideas.

    The games are getting better, IMO. People have been calling BW2 the best yet in a lot of places.
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