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    Yuzuru, excuse me for thinking Hilda is attractive. She's my favorite protagonist (and I don't like Miley Cyrus so).

    And in Gen 1, some of the Pokemon had mediocre design, yes. I'm just saying the use of further inanimate objects makes me wonder if they have nothing left to offer. Some of Gen 5's designs were great, like Zebstrika and Dewott, but not everyone has that luxury. Every generation has its gems and stinkers. Gen 5 just seems to have the most stinkers.

    As for the anime, I prefer the original series by a long shot because it was actually entertaining to watch. If they have so-called development now, I'm missing it. They're not doing enough with it. It's just minor stories and no recurring plot throughout the episodes. We aren't even going to see Team Plasma...
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