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    Originally Posted by Kanade Otonashi View Post
    I don't get why so many people like the original anime so much. Everything is so contrived and silly, and the characters had so little growth, it was ridiculous.

    B/W is harder then any of the other Gens aside from Gen 3 honestly. Gen 3 is the only other Gen I've found as even slightly challenging. Gen 1&2 are jokes as challenges.

    TCG I don't care about.

    You seem to be mistaken. Gen 1 was were the majority of Pokemon were just random animals. Then again, I guess a LIVING POKEBALL!, a pile of sludge then a bigger pile of sludge, various animals, and such are the epitome of creativity.
    So you like the BW tv show better?

    BW was the easiest game I ever played in my life!

    And as for the designs, it was the first season! As the seasons progressed, the designs got better (in my opinion) except sandshrew was better than them all! Anyway, the originals were what they were. Originals. You are supposed to build off them. BW mainly did the opposite. It reused old Pokemon designs. I know other regions have done that but I think BW did it to much. And I prefer a living poke all over an ice cream cone.
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