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Was looking this up, about the DRM ruining/damaging computers.

The most widely known case was the Sony BMG Rootkit scandal.

I haven't found articles about this, but just from how two types of DRM/Copyprotection work (SecuROM and Starforce) you can tell how bad of a idea they are.

SecuROM worked by having intentionally flawed sectors on the disc. If these damaged sectors weren't detected, game wouldn't work. However, the flawed sectors can cause severe drive slowdown, and increased wear on the drive.

Starforce installed additional driver, with high security privilages, and disables SCSI devices, and also left a pretty exploitable security flaw in your computer. If the driver malfunctoned/errored it, it would crash your computer. This was more prevalant on Vista though. Oh, and it could also make your CD drive say '**** you, I Quit!' because it either sends to many, or incorrect, device commands.
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