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    Despite being a machine even Relak could feel a central partof him being torn out. It literally was. A golden triangle ripped through hisiron skin. The gash mended, but the damage was done. Relak was dismantled, andhis only his chest and head were chained up on the wall. Now this strangecreature had torn out that mysterious object Relak once held within himself. Hedidn’t know its significance only that it was. Something felt very different.Everything felt different. The tremendous strength stored in him vanished, andhis undying endurance faded. How had things come to this? Relek stressed his processorstrying to recall, but it felt hazy like the fog that rolled of the ocean nearhis home. His home… Relak was certain he wouldn’t be getting back any timesoon. If this was befalling him here, what could be happening to his brothers?In a moment of panic Relak began to try and flail about trying to do anythingat all, but he can see his limbs stacked up in a pile off to the side. Feelingsnew to him began to fill him. A feeling that he needed to stop, one that madehim fell strain where the chains held him and another that left his innersystems feel drained. What had happened to him?

    Succumbing to the new restraints Relak just looked around.Others not like himself were also being kept here. None of them were even likehis brothers. They were strange creatures, though some seemed oddly familiar.One on the opposite wall in particular had similarities to a very old imagelocked away in his mechanisms. Relak still could not make identification anddecided to log the creature, as so that he could try to decipher what it was.The being stood about five feet slightly taller maybe. It was slight of form,and comparing it to the other creatures seemed to be one of two forms of thesame species. Relak continued to analyze the cloth draped around the creature.They seemed to have been torn and damaged, but Relak noticed pieces of gems andgold. They were defining signs of wealth. The thing’s head was covered in a coif,and goggles were hanging around its neck. What was this creature, and what wasit doing here?
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