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"Wakey, wakey!" Kerin rolled over as such a high pitched voice pierced his ears. Well, it wasn't that high pitched. Just enough that Kerin wanted to roll back to sleep and make this all go away. Of course he knew what today was. He didn't want to know, but he did. "I've brought your gear for today!"

Raum spread out a set of clothes, looking like some kind of uniform that he had to wear. They were mainly black and slightly comfortable looking but nothing that Kerin would pick to wear in public. Now, he had to wear these clothes in front of millions of people.

"You do have some choices," Raum picked up two pairs of shoes; a pair of boots and a pair of sneakers. "Which one? Personally, I think the boots go better with your eyes." Kerin made a face and reluctantly took the boots. He was also offered gloves and a belt, which he also took. He made Kerin change in front of him but stopped him when he took of his shirt.

"What are these?" he pointed to the rocks hanginging from Kerin's neck. Without asking, he reached forward and rubbed the rocks between his fingers. "Is this...?"

"It's a gift," Kerin pulled the stones out of his guide's grip and stuffed it down his shirt. Raum smiled slyly back at him. He obviously knew what they were, you could see it in his eyes, but instead of commenting on them, ruffled up Kerin's hair. When Raum was satisfied with how he looked, he led the boy to the elevator and to his untimely doom or something.

"How... uh, where's Marisa?"

"You'll see her in the games. She won't be hard to miss," Raum said with a wink. Kerin wasn't sure if he was being rude or trying to tell him something, but he just shrugged and let his eyes fall to his feet. The elevator his the bottom floor and Raum led Kerin out to the car. His last meal was depressing, but at least he got everything he wanted. Pizza, steak and thankfully, a few glasses of, well, blood. As much as he despised to drink it like this, it would keep him okay for the next day or two, hopefully. When running around trying to stay alive, he wasn't sure how thirsty he was going to get.

When they had arrived, Kerin was chauffered this way and that until he was in some kind of underground room, Raum his only companion. He was nervous and shaking but really, he was only thinking about his family. Old and new. Quinn, Frederick, Axel, Nora, Dana, Manuel... and Marisa, Fang... maybe Bernkastel? What about Shiro?

"Are you ready?"

Kerin didn't answer, instead trying to stablise a fire in his hands, trying to stop himself from shaking. With Bernkastel on his side, was there much to worry about?

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