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    Originally Posted by pokemoner2500 View Post
    first Those maps are old i need to upload the new ones. Also i dont care.
    It takes but a few seconds to upload new images, even on slow connections. Or have you just not completed any new maps?

    You may not care, but I'm sure a lot of people who viewed this thread were deterred due to the fact of how bad the maps look.
    Originally Posted by pokemoner2500 View Post
    second I will make a poll on it. Plus you can't skip them.
    I said you can skip the Trainers. Re-read my post, then understand what I meant.

    For instance, a route can have two Trainers, but the player can skip them. If they choose to do so, then let their team be beaten by a Gym Leader.
    Originally Posted by pokemoner2500 View Post
    third i will fix it. I wrote the wrong word.
    It seems to me you have quite a bit of "fixing" to do before this project gains the attention of the community. To me, your project has many flaws that should have been attended to before posting a thread in the first place. Projects need appeal. This ranges from eye candy (which a sprite artist can accomplish) to complexity (which the programmers and cartographers achieve). People want a "hook" to get them interested. This sir has no "hooks".

    If you cannot handle criticism, don't post a thread here.

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