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    Originally Posted by LividZephyr View Post
    There are also several minor things, like Drayden training Iris, new construction in... I'm not sure where. I really don't know, but two years before BW1... there isn't enough to make a game out of. I don't expect to get a Unova prequel. I really can't think of much for one.
    Nonetheless, I think it would be neat to hack in a small part of Unova on an existing G/S/C or R/S/E (or an E hack of C or somesuch) and just create a blockage somewhere that never opens up, thus giving players a chance to see a pre-Unova. Mistralton back to Castelia with the bridge closed and Route 16 being a dead-end with Marvellous not built yet (or even ship-linked), Twist Mountain inaccessible, construction on Castelia Bridge, Gyms are not yet in place except that they can be bonus fighting dojos, the Pokémon League is not officially created yet there, and all with accurate Pokémon hacked in. That might be neat.

    But there are some of my thoughts. Twist Mountain isn't open yet as someone else said, Village Bridge and the other side do exist, but are their own independent area and not connected; Opelucid isn't built up yet, Icirrus City is a construction worker's city until Twist Mountain is built, Undella City and Lacunosa do exist and their Routes, a ship links Routes 15 and 16 (perhaps yet to be named, or in the case of Route 16, another name if my idea is used somewhere), giving construction access to Black City/White Forest (the gatehouse can be entered, but you cannot go past). I think a hack with a bonus area of Castelia, Nimbasa (without all the extra stuff, a younger version), Driftveil, and Mistralton would actually be very cool. It'd be neat to see someone's interpretation of this area at the time of the other game.

    Good topic!

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