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- Progress -
I've did a lot of training primarily with Riolu since my last update. I beat Cheren and his Gym with Riolu no contest, which is not hard when you have Riolu and it has Force Palm. Right now I am trying to focus on getting all the Pokemon at Virbank Complex then evolving ones I caught at least to their second stage.

- Captures -

Pokedex - Seen: 25 | Obtained: 17

- Evolutions -

- Team -
lv. 20
- Force Palm
- Quick Attack
- Copy Cat
- Counter

Notes: Lucario has been superb in battles thus far, and now that Lucario is of course finally evolved it should be even better, so I have a lot too look forward to.

- Quick Attack lv. 11
- Leer
- Thundershock
- Low Kick

Notes: I'm going to try and train the others then focus on Elekid as my second team member, but right now I need to keep Azumarill and Seawaddle on my team too happy them up after that plenty of space will be free.


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