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    This looks like the perfect place for me >=)

    I'd like to join!

    I have a few questions, If my username can be different from PC's I'd like to be called Noir, if not then LenSho is fine

    Secondly, can my Pokémon evolve at some point? I need to know in order to choose since their only two.

    Can I get a promotion after a while?

    and lastly, What do you mean Last Episode??? I haven't caught up with Best Wishes, what episode is that? O-O

    Ok now on-topic

    Does the amount of screentime dedicated to Team Rocket in BW bothers you? How?

    Not really, my favorite episodes have to be the ones that focus on Wobbuffet, Butch, Cassidy, Giovanni and of course the Trio, especially if they talk about their past and their training in Team Rocket.

    It's a shame they don't have that much screen time anymore, but I like their role in Unova way better. It's cool to see how serious they can be and actually succeed in tasks that seem way more difficult that stealing Pikachu. It also shows how long they have survived through all the generations and still be a huge threat (Team Rocket as a whole).

    I really have to see the latest episodes >->