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    I've just finished ice gym. 30 hours in. Right now I'm not looking to trade nor I do collect trade worthy pokemon. But if people need a pokemon and write it here, I may catch it if it is on my way

    I think to complete pokedex that pokemon location guide should be enough. Is it not? I thought every pokemon till gen 5 was included in the game.

    Sorry, I'm not that far in the game yet.

    I checked the location guide. Says some Pokemon can't be found in wild. Some we need to evolve ourselves and some need to be traded to evolve unfortunately.

    I have trained a Kadabra (current lvl 36, male) from lvl 10 Abra. I forgot it needed to be traded to evolve. It is one of my main party Pokemon with carefully selected learn set. If anyone is interested, I'll trade it with a Kadabra with same move set and same or similar level and stats. Or if anyone agrees to help me regardless, we may trade twice and you can give me back my evolved Alakazam.

    My Kadabra:
    Level: 36
    Gender: Male
    Ability: inner focus
    Rash nature
    HP: 80
    SP ATK: 111
    ATK: 41
    SP DEF: 51
    DEF: 29
    SPEED: 87

    Psycho Cut

    Btw, I'm enjoying the game immensely.

    Deoxys event was nice. First encounter accidentally killed it with Venusaur lol. This alien has amazing stats. It could easily replace my Kadabra but I don't want to make my game easier.

    Another thing I noticed is the flutes don't seem to work.
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