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Originally Posted by Shdwj View Post
It certainly can be a scary thought. However, I simply cannot call God unmerciful. He gives many the opportunity throughout their lives to place their faith in Him. It's true that God really is love. He desires everyone to come to the knowledge of the truth. This is why He sent Jesus: to give all of us a chance to be forgiven through Him.

Also, I understand that the thought of a loved one being in hell can certainly be scary and quite hurtful. In the case with your aunt, simply because she speaks of it so nonchalantly does not necessarily mean she didn't carry hurt inside when her husband passed away. What appears on the outside isn't necessarily a representation of what people feel on the inside. But forgive me if I am out of place in speaking on such a matter. I just understand what it is like to mask hurt from others.
Saying "God is merciful" and then agreeing with the premise that he would not give you a chance to repent after death, instead judging you on your life regardless of your repentance after death is a massive contradiction.

Droomph: please don't try to speculate on whether or not my family members are in hell, that's not really acceptable in this situation.

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