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    Based Off The Hit TV Show

    It's been 5 years since the lights turned off. You were pretty young when it happened, but you still remember the days when the power was still on, don't you. We all do, yet it seems so long ago. Everything stopped working. The worst of it was probably the pokeballs. Sure most pokemon stayed loyal to their trainers they'd grown to love. Others though, ran away, into the wild. Some even despised their trainers so much, they killed them. The only region that was able to recapture there pokemon was those in Johto and Kanto due to the process of apricorn pokeballs, only needing apricorns and silver, abundant in Mt.Silver to operate.

    What happened to the world? Well for starters, all those electric type pokemon? All their electricity stopped working too. Some adapted, yet some were reduced to normal types. Then there was the Unova region. People there did not know how to handle the situation. The cities burned to the ground. The mighty water types, Kyogre, Suicune, and even the guardian of the sea, Lugia, try'd to save it. But to no avail. Soon after, the neglected Kyurem lay waste to the region, putting it in what seemed a continental ice age. No one survived there. As for the other regions? The Hoenn and Sinnoh regions struggled. Many died, others live on as best they can. I mean, me and you survived didn't we? Johto and Kanto prospered the most though. A militia formed by none other than the Gym Leader, Pyrce, of Mahogany Town, swept through the nation and took control. Even the elite four was no match for the power happy generals army.

    Now there is rumors that somehow, somebody has access to power. Rumored to be coming from Olivine City, people now hope that the power will come back on. Who will gain the power though? Will Pyrce's Militia control the power where there will be no one to stop him? Or will some brave souls take back the power and fight Pyrce's Militia. That's up to you as you embark from your homeland to Vermillion City in Kanto, in order to make your way to Olivine to turn the power back on. Will you fight with the militia or will you make your case to fight Pyrce?

    Background Info
    - Depending on what side you choose, you will receive a random pokemon. People of the Militia receive stronger pokemon but have stricter guildlines to follow as a member of the Militia. Those who chose to oppose the Militia, start out with a weaker pokemon. These characters are free to do as they please, and the Militia won't bother with them until they hurt the Militia in any way.
    - Militia members must be aggressive toward non-Militia members.

    - No god modding. Keep it as real as possible.
    - Week without a post is a warning.
    - 2 weeks without a post is immediate removal from the RP.
    - 3 warnings also means a kick.
    - If you plan not to post for any reason, contact me by PM or post in this thread and you will be excused. This can be anything from vacation to even writers block. Just stay active.
    - Violence will be used. Often, yes. Descriptive, no.
    - Relations, romance, whatever you may call it, is allowed, just keep it to a level where all should be able to read. Don't take it too far.
    - I determine whether wild pokemon are caught.
    - I'll determine when a pokemon can learn new moves and when it evolves. You can decide whether or not it will keep it. If you want these faster, either pm or post in this thread so we make talk it over if you plan to make a post around it, or you may just "train" your pokemon and it will come naturally in an update post.

    Sign Up Form
    Pro or Anti Militia:
    Age: (14-30)
    Appearance: (The way a person looks, as well as their mental image.)
    Personality: (How your character acts, handles situations, ect.)
    History: (Where they lived (Sinnoh or Hoenn and Town), and everything about their past.)
    Other: (Anything else you want known about your character.)
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