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    Progress Update:

    I've completely made all the maps for the Arenas and I just have to change the information for each new trainer (aka comment them and change sprites, they're just empty right now). I'm completely finished level 25 as of right now and was only going to go up to 30, but I might add a few more depending on how long it takes. (To be included in Beta 3). I've also been focusing more on the wild pokemon than the battles so I've been mapping all of those. Progress is on the first post and I'm updating that almost real time as long as my internet is up and running.

    As of this post all bug species (that are included in the bug zones) are placed and ready for capture in the third beta. So one type down, 16 to go, plus all of the unown. The maps are finished for another 9 types so I wanted to I could get quite a bit of the pokemon set up but I'm a little difficult to focus on that kind of stuff and I'll probably mess up something so I'll wait a few days.

    I also made a new title picture yesterday that is on the first post, alongside the old one for comparison. So some progress has been made and I'm pretty sure this will be the last title picture unless someone makes a really cool logo for the game, which I doubt will happen. There's a new bag too although most probably not the last and the girl's isn't different but it will be.

    Sooo check the first post regularly as that's where most of the real time updates are going to be. Yay, the first of the story is almost finished I'm so excited.
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