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    Haven't posted in AGES! Acctually haven't been playing any Pokemon all summer (too much outdoors fun). I'm right now without internet at home after moving, so I'm bumming out. Go figure... I just recently started playing around with Dream World minigames... Prior to recently all I used Dream World for was promotional only Pokemon...

    Luckily the local library has wi-fi that you don't need to hit an "agree to terms" or enter log-in information for, so I'm getting my Dream World fix every few days after work. I've pulled a few of my favorite Poke's so far (A female Mr. Mime on Sunday). Is there anywhere that I can find a list of which ones are considered more rare and/or more desired(obviously, other than the promotional only ones)? It would be nice to know, since one each of my games (Black/White/Black 2) I'm snagging one a day, so it's like I'm grabbing three Pokemon each time I log in... and So far which one I choose to take is based purely on my own tastes, and based on only taking females (unless my only options are males or genderless), AND only trying to take something I don't already have from the dreamworld.. Monday I had to make a tough choice between a female Buizel and a female Relicanth... They were my only two females, and I was guessing the Relicanth is likely more desired by others for trade, but I settled on the Buizel because I am a fan of cute Pokemon.


    --Ringo(who funny enough is currently farther in Black 2 than I am on either my Black/White games... hahaha)