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    Hey everyone, so the other day I had a discussion with Maruno about mysql. Since we found out that Berka's script was broken I decided to work on communication between RMXP, and mysql through php. Thanks to ho-oh 12 for leaving some hints on how to do the connections (through sockets) I decided to make a GTS system from the ground up. Yesterday I managed to make communication between the game, and the database, it was able to store any information I needed. I want to make a more cleaner version of it, while leaving some examples in case someone wants to edit it in the future. Here is a picture to show the field. A pro to having the communication to php:

    -If your game was decrypted, your database information wont be divulged, unless the hacker can hack the host itself. Since the information is run though the php file, all it does is send data back and forth when needed. If berka's method was being used, someone can be able to hack into your database and take anything they need.


    I also want to create an online ID for each user, but I might just do the same for want I did in the id field where it auto increments, so if you see people with an online id of one don't be jealous. Or as a thought I was thinking of people inserting an online username instead of an id.
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