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    Okay, I think these movies are hit/miss. They have okay to typical storylines, but I think the animation is a teeny bit better than the TV series.

    I remember the first one, and I wanted to see it immediatly. I saw it on the day after it opened in theaters and I liked it. I went to see it again. I think it was decent. And let me tell you that the whole "Fighting is wrong" bit near the end had little impact on me.

    I still like it. As for the others, well, it's a hit/miss in my opinion. The second movie was decent and fun to watch. But the whole saving the world part near the end kinda dissapointed me.

    The third one was okay, but there were some parts, especially with Molly's wishes was kind of weak and childish. But at least the whole crystalization effects was kind of creative.

    The fourth one was okay. And it was the second pokemon movie I went to see in theaters (I missed out on the previous 2). The Iron Masked Marauder was a really cool villian.

    The Fifth one was okay. Of course, I saw no ads for it on TV and though It wasn't released.

    The rest, especially the Advanced movies and the Diamond and Pearl Movies they were okay, not great, but okay. (But I haven't seen the Zoroark: Master of Illusions movie yet)

    And almost a year ago I went to see Pokemon Victini and Zekrom in theaters, and it wasn't atriocious.

    The pokemon movies, they're not horrendous, but they're not perfect either. I still like them nonetheless.

    Two amazing kids series from the 1980's.
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