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    Pokemon (planned)-1. tepig 2cottonee then trading with NPC for a petil 3.reviving archen 4.eelektross...eventually haha 5. vanillite 6.deino.

    Ultimate: I'll try do the pokemon above work? because technically I revived archen, didn't catch him. and received tepig so i really only CAUGHT 4 pokemon. and if that doesn't count then I guess I'll be a normal drifter.

    I'll update... umm when I can XD thanks! can't wait to start!

    Day 1: Named myself Drifter
    - Got Tepig as starter
    -Won both first battles
    -Beat Bianca and Cheren again
    -Used PokeCenter And Pokemart
    -Rejected Elemental Monkey
    - Trained Tepig up to level 15 to face Cress
    -Healed at moms
    -Beat Cress
    -Beat Plasma
    -Tepig evolved into Pignite
    -Beat Cheren again
    -Beat N
    -Beat Plasma
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