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Pokemon Corruption

I am hansiec that is: hans-ie-c for those of you who don't know, Here is the game I am working on currently in RPG Maker XP.

You are a big fan of myths and stories due to exposure as a kid. After obtaining your first Pokemon, you set off to fulfill your dream of chasing down the legends. Along the way, you meet the mysterious Dusk and Twilight, who warn you to stop Teams Solar and Lunar at all cost. Upon meeting the teams, you realize that their outwardly appearance of finding legendary Pokemon for research Pokemon is just a cover for their darker motives. And when Pokemon start becoming 'corrupt' and 'pure' you dig deeper and search for the reason for the Pokemon's changes.
While you search for a way to stop the two Teams, you also pursue myths. Upon finding proof that the Chaos shards exist, you search for them. But there are trials to pass in order to obtain the shards, and it doesn't help your search when there's already other hunters with more experience than you. But you find help with a man named Aerix, who teaches you more about myths and the shards than you would have ever learned from reading books. With his help, you find a way to fulfill your childhood dreams and stop the Teams from fulfilling their evil plans.

MysteryGift -- Online mystery gift, you never know what can happen!
Interpolating regions (Solurous and Criesta, meaning it's not 1 then the other it's both at once)
New forms of pokemon corrupted, pure, and epic (epic pokemon can break the level 100 limit and go to 256)
Shadow Pokemon (No comment here)
Way too many transport systems (bike, train, plane, ship, car, bus, ect.)
Mini-games (lottery, voltorb-flip, slot machine, mining, ruins of alpha, racing, poke-athalon)
Mouse inputs (Essentials has built in mouse inputs for those of you how don't know!)
Missions (Beat a mission get a reward, harder missions = better prizes!)
Replacing gyms with battles against Team Solar and Lunar's Leaders (Although you can battle the Champion Pillar (Name may change) which is the equvilent to gym leaders (except you must advance 4 ranks for each "badge"))
All pokemon will be obtainable (although some are event exclusive) VV
DLC (download things such as new pokemon forms, new items, ect.)

Mystery Gift:
Download a gift from the internet (it can depend on alot of various things)

Downloaded content costs DLC points (which are free and obtained in the game via missions) which allows you to download various things (although many things are free the ones that costs points can only be bought once and are usually special events or archived mystery gifts)

Missions can be found in any pokemon center, they are small side quests (usually finding a lost pokemon or a challenge) after you complete the mission you get X amount of DLC points and a prize (a pokemon, an item, money, ect.)

Mouse Inputs:
Mouse inputs are implemented in the game, these are usually for the PokePad. (It's named not after the iPad but because it's a small box on the bottom of the screen.)
Also, I plan on configuring the Menu System to have Mouse Inputs (Alongside of the Pokedex/Pokemon Menus)


Note: These I have redone each made with the new tiles (although they are 90% the same)


Hansiec -- Main Scripter/Mapper/Creator/Graphics (Some trainer sprites and a few other random things)
My Sister -- Storyline and basic look of the Criesta Region. (By My Sister I mean MY SISTER not a username.)
Rick1234 -- Graphics (Titlescreen, Menu Screen and BW graphics pack)
Rayquaza. -- Graphics (Custom Overworld(s), and BW tiles)
Poccil -- Original Poke-Essentials
Maruno -- Current Version Of Essentials
Psign -- BW pack
FL -- Pokemon.txt PB data
Help 14 -- I think he was the one who released the gen 5 pokemon overworlds. (I might be wrong though)

None yet...

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Banners by Rayquaza.