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    I'm currently trying to get ahold of a defensive Pokémon to fill the empty slot in my team, so I would love to have a Timid female Happiny with Natural Cure (standard ability). It'd be great if you could give it max IVs in Sp. Def and HP (a decent Speed IV wouldn't be bad, if possible). Could you also infect it with Pokérus (I would like to make use of that virus)?

    I have a few female Dream World Pokémon, including an Igglybuff (Friend Guard) and Relicanth (Sturdy). I also have some other female Pokémon with their own hidden abilities that were caught through Dream Radar, including Swablu *3 (Cloud Nine), Riolu (Prankster), and Sigilyph (Tinted Lens).

    In case you may want it (or need it), I have a spare Mild male Charmander with two egg moves; Crunch and Dragon Pulse. Feel free to let me know if there's any items you might need and I'll see if I have any extra laying around.

    Let me know?
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