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Originally Posted by littlebrother View Post
I may not be able to make it for the 27th, haha, since it's technically gonna be a good chance at actually going to a Halloween party without having to worry about work in the morning. But if there are gonna be any people hanging around on the 28th or 26th I'll be happy to chill with them. :D
Sorry, but moving it to Sunday would make it inconvenient for everyone planning to stay until midnight or so (weekday comes after). ;( Community Day will (probably) always be on Saturday in the future, unless it's winter or summer break. But yeah, activity usually lasts for another day after CD.

Originally Posted by roosterman View Post
this all sounds fun but could we have a tournament with the real games too? i'm not much of a fan of the battle server and my computer is REALLY slow lately
There isn't much of a demand for it (I've only been asked once before this). However, I might set up a poll for whether or not we should introduce Wi-Fi tournaments on the next Community Day once this CD is over.