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Originally Posted by WolfMirage View Post
to clone just drop Zapdos and ditto off in the daycare and talk to man if says the two pkes get along, ur good, then just fly to a different town and come back to the daycare and u should get an egg, just make sure u a free space in ur party and it helps if u get a poke that as the warm body ability

and if u want flygon u got a deal. one qustion u do have black/white 2?

my black 2 fc is 077722164481 and name is blade
Zapdos can't make eggs...

I have White 1, but black/white 2 an trade with black/white 1.

My FC is in my signature, and I'm going to add you now, and I'm going to the WFC.

FriendCode: 3139-3194-4225
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