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    Chapter 3: Vivid Attention

    2 long, consecutive days had flew by since we escaped from our adoring home for the very last time. We were peacefully residing at the enormous, mansion sized Pokémon Center in Cherrygrove City at the time.

    I remember that every singly night, all of us, even out Pokemon we have would glance at the pretty, twinkling, glimmering stars. They happily said hi to us as they start to release their light in the pretty night sky whenever we get to amusingly glance at them whenever we were on the balcony of the Pokémon Center.

    But whenever Quil gets to stare at the glistening, yellow stars, he wouldn't even have a happy frown on his face. He would quickly put his head down and would faintly cry as I would began to feel disheartening affected by this depressingly emotional feeling that Quil's experiencing.

    "Quil..." I faintly said out of my mouth as it fades towards Quil's ears.

    Quil would quickly dash outside of the Pokémon Center soon after, but would return the next following day. Maybe me and Quil are starting to bond at the time, but I still don't understand on how he is like. But that was just 3 years ago.

    The next following day, I slowly got up of the bed and let out a loud yawn as I slowly stretched out my arms. But I heard a medium, bursting explosion coming right outside of the Pokémon Center.

    "Huh!?" Then I heard various amounts of delirious bawling come out outside as well. I briskly rushed outside and saw 2 young trainers in this interesting battle, but since I glance out of a mirror DOWN to the bottom, all the people and the Pokemon appear quite misty judging from the obscure window.

    "Jackson, you got to see this!" I excitedly screamed as I turned around to his bed, but he's not there.

    "Maybe he's there with the crowd." I said, then I yawned again as I concealed my mouth with my palm. I briskly rushed into the bathroom and quickly changed out of my Marill sleepwear to my regular clothes.

    I walked to my shaggy, undressed bed, with my footsteps having faint taps coming from them. I stood in front of Buzz and lightly poked on his tender, stiff eyelid. "Poke." I quietly whispered on his ear, "Hey Buzz, it's time to go."

    Buzz slowly opened his eyes and glanced at my face as his eyes became less obscure. "Beee..." He joyously jumped on to my shoulder as I began to smile at him.

    As I ran out of the Pokémon Center, what I am seeing is a huge, untamed crowd of screaming, wild people that's shrouding the 2 trainers and their Pokémon.

    "Ughhh..." I heavily puffed out an unpleasant groan. I cannot believe on what's was happening as I began to look at the irresistible crowd as they loudly escaped out a vicious scream and consecutively jumping and swinging out their arms. I dived into the berserk crowd and consecutively shoved them out of the way one by one.

    "Excuse me. Pardon me. I need to move." I politely asked as I pushed the disoriented people around, until I saw Jackson motionlessly standing at the front of the oblivious crowd.

    I slowly walked towards him. "Hey Jackson."

    Jackson quickly jumped as he turned around towards me, feeling a bit surprised by my unexpected entry. "Oh hey Blake. I'm just seeing these 2 people battle."

    I glanced at the 2 determined trainers, seeing that they are staring at each other in a determined look with their Pokémon. I lost my attention and quickly glanced at one of them having a shiny Eevee with glistening bright red sparkles traveling and shining around her body.

    "What!? This Eevee seems to be one of the rarest shinies I've ever seen!" I quickly took out the Pokédex and scanned this Eevee's information.

    "Eevee, the Evolution Pokémon. Eevee has an unstable genetic makeup that suddenly mutates due to the environment in which it lives. Radiation from various stones and its environment causes this Pokémon to evolve."

    "Wow... And I wonder about this trainer that owns her..." Then I lost my attention of this special Eevee as I look up to her trainer. Suddenly it felt as if my heart was starting to ache with a weird sensation as it briskly pounds and pounds.

    From what I am glancing at, I see a girl with a long, beautiful blond hair dancing up and down by the light breeze of wind that's traveling through the whole town. I see her light brown eyes that brightly glisten by the pretty light sun that's inviting it's bright warm rays of light to the whole town.

    I also got to see her light face with her lips smiling with a determined look. I can also see her wearing a short sleeved purple shirt with her black and shady jeans almost covering her legs and with her purple sneakers. She's very appealing, and she appears to look at least fourteen years old.

    Jackson looked down towards my face, seeing that there's something going on with me. "Uhh... Blake?" He quickly waves his hand around my petrified face, but no avail.

    Now, the girl points towards the boy's Aipom. "Jordi, use Bite!" Jordi nodded with a determined grin. She leaped up and she quickly opened her mouth, revealing precise, sharp fangs emerging out of it. Numerous amounts of sweat rushes through the guy's body as he trembles harshly with his teeth clenched. "Aipom, counter it with Double Hit!"

    Aipom revealed his tail. As it glows into a light pinkish figure, Aipom somersaulted out to the sky and was about to do a surprise attack! The girl gasped to see that Jordi was oblivious of that Aipom plunging down behind her to defeat her.

    She lashes out her arm and then clenched her fist while having a serious demeanor. "Jordi, jump up and bite Aipom's tail!"

    Jordi turned around as she looked up and saw that Aipom with a devious smile and it's tail arm clenched. She then dodged the Aipom with a Quick Attack. The Aipom plunged down to the ground. As he desperately tries to get up, Jordi forcibly bites the Aipom's tail.

    "AIIII!" The Aipom tries to shove Jordi's face away, but no use as she continues to desperately cling on as blood quickly runs out inaccessibly of the hand-like end of the tail.

    "Aipom!" The boy loudly screamed, feeling worried.

    Suddenly I hear various people getting all frantic from seeing how weak this Aipom is, especially this trainer.

    "What a weak Aipom!"

    "This is the worst trainer I've seen!"

    "She could whip his butt!"

    "This guy is really an amateur, is he?" I asked when I turned towards Jackson.

    He's glancing on the weak Aipom's getting stuck. "Uh huh."

    Jordi then launched the Aipom into the sky and jumped up to the sky. She used Quick Attack as she briskly dashed in circles to create a small, dark twister around the Aipom.

    She generates a big, dark, and shady Shadow Ball as particles began spawning and clasping together into a big ball as it enlarges. Since it's ready, she then somersaulted quickly and launched at the treacherous twister, creating an very big explosion.

    "Urggg!" I try to put on my goggles to shield my tender blue eyes as various bystanders try to cover from the huge blast. Puffy clouds of dust that heavily fumed the area quickly fades away in just an instant, seeing that Aipom is unable to stand up as it's tail has 2 big holes pierced right through.

    The boy let out a loud gasp as he runs towards the unconscious Aipom. People cheered wildly as they jumped and hugged each other, even random guys.

    "That was strong for an Eevee, am I right?" Jackson said as he looked at my face, seeing that I'm still in a trance with my mouth wide open.

    He glanced down at Buzz, quickly winking his left eye towards him. "Buzz, you know what to do."

    Buzz happily nodded and used Thundershock to break me out of the deep, tender infautiation. "URRRHHHRRRHGGGGGHHHH!" I harshly trembled, then I had a cripsy, dark, and smoked body.

    "Blake, you're all right?" He asked.

    I shake my head as smoke begins to puff out of my charred body. "Uhhh... yess... But Jackson, you know what we should do?" I happily asked, filled with zest.

    "What should we do?" He curiously asked.

    "Maybe we should train in order to be as strong as that pretty girl that we seen!" I happily said as I began hopping. Jackson frowned in annoyance, feeling a bit uneasy as I glance at his troubled face. "Ok..."

    30 minutes have gone by. Then me and Jackson slowky walked to an empty, clear spot around the shore. Buzz slowly walked until the big, tough tree and started to fall asleep as he faintly snores. As I began to hear the rustling leaves from the various trees and the euphoria of waves clash into the motionless ground, I quickly got out my Poke Ball out of my pocket, feeling a bit determined as I was about to be like that girl I saw half an hour ago.

    "Quil, come out!" I yelled as I quickly threw out the red Poké Ball. The transparent red energy blasts out in a quick red zap as it quickly plunges into the ground and quickly reforms and morphs into Quil.

    "Cyndaquill!" He loudly cheered as erupted his glimmering, red flames in excitement.

    Jackson took out his Poké Ball out of his blue backpack and tossed it as it's heavily penetrated by the bright sun. "Dance, Typhoon!" The Poke Ball let out a blue, glistening energy and quickly reformsinto Typhoon.

    "Oshawoottttt!" He happily jumps with his eyes closed as he is lashing out his scalchop aimlessly.

    Jackson became a bit uneasy of this situation, so he said: "Uhhh... Blake? Is it a good idea to send out a Fire-Type like that against a Water-Type like Typhoon?"

    I softly let out a chuckle with a determined grin on my face. "It doesn't matter. What matter is how we battle."

    Jackson exhaled with annoyance and showed a stressed look on his face. "Fine by me."

    "Quil, use Smokescreen!" I loudly command as I lash out my hand.

    Quil jumped on top of Typhoon. He puffed out a big fume of smoke, making Jackson and Typhoon oblivious towards our actions as they try to look around the obscure area.

    "What? I can't see!" Jackson's eyes instantly became irritated by the powerful fume as it furiously began twitching. "ARRRGGGHHHH!" Typhoon looks around to see if Quil's around, but suddenly he was badly struck by little, strong embers right on his back.

    "Wott!" He quickly fell down face flat. "Typhoon!" Jackson yelled. Then Quil quickly slammed Typhoon by a surprise Quick Attack. Typhoon was harshly flung into the deep, rich, blue sea as the waves quickly sway along with the battered Typhoon.

    The smoke cleared away in just an instant, then Jackson glances at my determined expression and with Quil on his 4 limbs with his flames moderately flared up.

    "Huh. Maybe these two are good together." Then he turns around and glances at Typhoon quickly rushing out of the water as he desperately tries to breathe as his lungs began to ache along with his cinched back.

    Suddenly as we were about to continue our battle, we noticed that same pretty girl with her shiny Eevee slowly walking to us. I was immediately sucked into a trance by her lovely, flowery aroma reaching into my nostrils and her physical presence. I quickly align my legs together as I harshly shiver in timidness. "Hey..."

    Suddenly I turn around and saw Typhoon up at the sky, diving down like a jet as he was about to slice Quil by his elongated scalchop.

    My mouth was wide open with an astonished facial expression. "Quil, use Quick Attack to dodge the hit!" I yelled as I quickly point my finger to identify Quil. Quil instantly vanished in sight, leaving no traces of his presence. Typhoon once again missed and plunged down to the ground, unable to get up. "Oshaa..."

    Then he was suddenly struck by large, powerful embers right at his back. "OSHHAAAA!" Typhoon fell down at a loud thud, unable to battle as his back is harshly cinched with large quantities of smoke puffing out consecutively.

    Jackson strongly stomped his foot, feeling agitated as all of us are astonished by his serious demeanor.

    "Blake! That's not fair of how your Cyndaquil won! He's fast enough to do so and I don't see on how a Fire-Type would beat Typhoon when we're at the same level!"

    I trembled heavily as I point something behind me. "Hey Jackson... that girl we saw in the morning..."

    "Yeah... so..." He strangely questions.

    "She's right behind me..."

    Jackson walked behind me and saw the girl with both of her arms locked together. "Oh, hi. Did you just see..." I turned around and looked at her.

    She made a cute, adoring smile on her face with her eyes closed, displaying her precise long eyelashes. "Yeah I did. Anyways that battle you guys did was pretty cool! Even on how strategic you two are!"

    "Thanks... And can we hang out with you..." I nervously asked as I dangerously tremble.

    "Sure. You can, I'd love to!"

    My face lighted up with timidness with a bright shade of red, making the rest wonder on what's happening to me.

    "Blake, are you..." Jackson asked.

    "Oh, yes I am!" I quickly jumped with a very creepy smile. Later, me and Jackson was walking with the girl towards her nearby house while I was holding her light, soft, warm hand. "Uhhh..." I nervously moaned, but no one heard me. I turned my face away her's, smiling with my blushes appearing around my face. Quil, Buzz, and Typhoon was happily walking with Jordi behind us.

    "So, Jordan. Tell us about your Eevee." I said.

    She turns her cute face towards mine as I slightly move my head back.

    "Ok, so I got Jordi when I was 10 like almost 4 years ago by my grandfather. She was once a quiet and scared Eevee until we actually began to understand each other. But I chose to not evolve her and keep her the cute way she is."

    She turns her head to Jordi, smiling with her eyes quickly winking at her's. Jordi lest out a pure smile and turns back to Quil.

    "Maybe I shouldn't evolve Quil, but he doesn't have to be cute." I timidly said as I shake.

    Jackson then intervened. "Hey, is that your house?" He pointed at the medium sized standard blue, white mixed colored house.

    "Uh yes." She said.

    As all of us entered in her beautiful abode. It has a very clean living room along with a chrome-like TV that looks like it's very new. We see a happy, somewhat young woman coming out and randomly shakes my hand, which caused my body to flap like paper being pushed harshly by the troubled wind. "Ohohoho" I yelled as I was being shaken around.

    "It's so nice of Jordan to invite some friends! I'm her mother!" Then she looks down and sees Quil shaking on my leg, feeling very intimidated and used Leer.

    Ms. Cook was oblivious of the attack and grabbed Quil towards her creepy, happy demeanor. "Oh, this is a cute Cyndaquil that you have!" She then points her finger and tickles Quil's tummy in a circular direction.

    "Quil..." Quil felt sick to his stomach, but the mother showed no concern. Quil's cheeks quickly inflated up and coughed out black, rotting smoke towards her face.

    She brushes it off and still laughs. "Oh, this is such a cute Cyndaquil!"

    Jordan then quickly grasped Quil out of her mother's destructive hands and placed it on mine, causing me to blush when I felt her smooth skin brushing on mine. "Ohhhh..." My eyes began shaking when I saw her serious face directly glancing at mine, causing my reddening face to become even brighter.

    "Let's go up to my older sister." She said as she turned around, revealing her long beautiful hair, flapping up like a bird's wing when she walks up the stairs.

    Jackson then snaps his fingers very loud, causing me to regain sense. "Blake, let's go."

    "Oh, yeah... right."

    We then walked up the stairs and stared at Jordan's sister texting her friends with her Pokégear with her legs on top of each other on her bed, as if it seems as if she's entirely focusing her attention on it.

    "Sis, this is Blake, the legendary trainer's son, and his friend Jackson." She said as she puts her arm on both of my shoulders.

    She looked up and blankly stared at both of us, but she sees me badly shivering and blushing. "Hey... does that kid like you?"

    I turned around from everyone's curious faces, as I began to feel extreme cowardliness pouring into my well being. Jordan turns around, seeing me crouching down and shivering harshly while feeling intense isolation. "I think he does."

    Jackson then walked towards me. "Blake, I knew why you wanted to be close to her. I KNOW IT." his face then had a very wide smile as he chuckles when he pats his back on mine.

    "STOP IT!" I yelled as I brushed off his hand coming towards me. Then we hear various amounts of painful shrieking coming from the outside. My pupils shrunk as a twisting, painful sensation was created in my stomach.

    "What the hell!" a random voice harshly screamed loudly.

    I quickly dashed towards the window and took a glance outside, seeing smoke coming out of the Pokemon Center. I got a glimpse of various trainers swarming towards it as I hear various screeching coming from them.

    "Let's go guys!" I briskly bolted out of the door as Jordan's hair was violently flapping around by the result. Jackson placed Typhoon on his shoulder and quickly ran off as well.

    Jordan turned around to her sister, feeling a bit mature and somewhat concerned of our safety. She said: "I'd better follow them, they are 10 after all, yet I'm like almost fourteen."

    Her sister flaps her long nailed hand around, feeling uninterested. "Yeah yeah, go off. You're ready to handle this one on your own."

    This ends when all of us run outside of Jordan's home.
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