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    Wow, it sure has been a while. I think now is a good time for an update. So I found some free time and am back at this. Don't worry, I'm picking up right from where Beta 1 left off. First off, I will announce that I've removed the seasons feature, but not entirely. The visual aspect is removed while the underlying theme is still there. You'll see what I mean later. Second order of business is that I've already made progress on this. I finished Ouija Temple and the encounter with someone special [who will be revealed in a moment] which should have been in the first Beta. Also, I've scripted and mapped up to Stargate Cave which begins Act II of the hack, the introduction of Team Rocket. Third: I'm working my way up to a new release. I will give no date, as I don't have one in mind, but hopefully it's soon.

    Shattered Dreams is still being worked on and a new release is on the way. All the bugs in the Beta have been fixed for future release and I've made other tiny edits around the hack. I would like to request that people post their teams at the end of the beta. It'll help me a tad bit. Thanks.

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