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So, this is a new walk through style I'm trying. Unlike other walkthrough's on this forum, that are usually comical screen shots with witty remarks from player, this one is more informational. Sit back and read has you get a full explanation of this game. From hidden items to which Pokemon I recommend to how to complete every gym puzzle. Here is, Imevils walk through guide of Pokemon Fire Red

Opening + Pallet Town
So you press start and the first thing you see is Professor Oak. He will explain to you that you are now in the world of Pokemon. He will show you a Pokemon then ask for your name and gender. After he will ask you the name of his grandson. Name him whatever you want, just remember the name will never ever be changed. For the rest of this walkthrough I will refer to your rival as Gary. After he is done talking to you he will send you into the world. You will spawn inside your own house. Go downstairs and go outside. You have to find Professor Oak, but he isn't in his lab. Try to leave the town from the exit north and someone will tell you to stop from behind. It's Oak! He tells you it's dangerous to go alone and takes you back to his lab. At his lab you will see Gary and three Pokeballs sitting there. Oak tells you to take one. And you have to make the hard decision on who you want your starter to be. Your choices are:

Bulbasaur, the one that is rarely ever chosen. But litte do many know, he is probably the best of the three starters. Yes, you heard that right. Look at the first three gyms, Grass type defeats both rock and water, and resists electric. You easily sweep with him if used right.
He evoles at level 16 into Ivysaur, but before that he starts with growl and tackle, then learns Leech Seed at lvl 7, Vine Whip at lvl 10 and Sleep and Poison Powder both at lvl 15. Ivysaur picks up Razor Leaf before evolving into P [COLOR="Green)"]Venusaur[/COLOR]. As his fully evolved state he has great special attack. And picks up the all powerful Solar Beam to go with it at lvl 65.

VIA TM he learns Toxic, Sunny Day to help Solar Beam, Protect which works well with Toxic. Giga Drain, another great special attack that also heals you. And Sludge Bomb for some more type coverage. He also picks up Frenzy Plant VIA move tutor.

All in all, Bulbasaur is a great Pokemon to start with He can sweep early gyms, and only gets stronger as the game goes on. His high special attack makes him a great sweeper with amazing potential.

Oh Charmander, probably the starter that defines the term bad-ass. And also the starter that I usually start with, But after taking a closer look, his ad-ass appearance may be the most bad ass thing about him. Although he's great, he got unlucky typing.
The first to gyms are both gyms that can easily defeat your Charmander. Meaning you will be forced to rely on other Pokemon to carry the battles.
Lets look at the moves he learns. The best move he learns as Charmander is Ember. When he evolves to Charmeleon at level 14 he gets a boost in power and learn Metal Claw, which if he has evolved by then can help with the fist gym. He doesn't really learn anything else to good until Flamethrower at level 34. At level 36 he becomes the all bad-ass Charizard and gains the fly type. He learns Wing Attack at evolution, but that should be replaced with Fly. He also gets Slash, Dragon Rage and Fire Spin.
By TM and HM he gets Fly, like I already mentioned, Focus Punch, which is a gamble but if it its it does big damage, Dragon Claw, Toxic, Sunny Day all are also great. Earthquake can give coverage against rock types. Fire Blast and Overheat should also be considered.

Although I love this evolution line, it has a lot of early game troubles. Although Chramander is a great pick, you have to wait to use him to his full potential.

Squirtle the turtle, the water type starter. The odd thing about this starter is, he has nearly even Special and Physical attack. Meaning you can go either way. I do reccomend going special attack though due the the fact that all water type moves in this game are special. The one bad thing about this is that he doesn't really excel at either really well. His special his pretty on par with the Physical attack of the other to starters (who are both special attackers).
Early on he gets Bubble and water Gun as main sources of damage and Withdraw to bulk him up. At level 16 he evolves into Wartortle and picks up Bite and Rapid Spin for damage and Protect for utility. At lvl 26 he voles into Blastoise He picks up Rain Dance to power up his moves then Hydro Pump for mega damage.
From TM's and HM's he gets a power full Surf, Waterfall, Ice Beam and Blizzard for type coverage. And Hyper Beam.
The main drawback of the Squirtle line is it's lack of great stats. It's balanced between Physical and Special attack but neither shines. As much as I love him I don't recommend this guy

After picking your stater Gary will pick the one the defeats your in type then battle you. It should be a quick battle as you both only have one attack. If you lose it's ok, but if you win then your Pokemon will hit level 6 early on. Gary will run off and tell you how he will get a map from his sister. As you leave the Lab, go to Gary's house, the one that isn't yours, and talk to the little girl to get a map. The head up to Route on and start your journey!
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