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    It takes Drowzee several levels to learn Zen Headbutt, like level 50 or so if I remember right. However, it learns some good psychic moves before then. It should learn Hypnosis fairly soon, if not you can take it to a move tutor to relearn it. Once you use Hypnosis, Focus Punch should be able to hit fairly easily. Dream Eater is found in Viridian City, so I guess it's not really an option unless you keep your Drowzee for longer than you want to.

    As far as the Raikou goes, don't worry, it's not gone forever. Raikou and Entei always run away so they are hard to catch. There is only one of each, but they run all over the map. If you look in your pokedex, you can check where they currently are.

    Also, your Gyarados seems pretty strong. If you buy some healing items, you may not need to backtrack too much... just make sure you train your other pokemon (mostly bellsprout) just as much (if not more).