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    Hi folks! I am currently writing a paper on the Pokemon community as a social paradigm. In other words, it's an analysis of the worldview and attitudes of Pokemon gamers. I'm particularly interested in hearing the accounts of players who have participated in live tournaments and/or focus on competitive battling.

    With that said, here are some questions that I need some of you guys' input on:

    1. From your own observations, what are some traits that people who play Pokemon have in common?

    2. How much time do you personally devote to playing the games?

    3. What are some negative aspects and areas of improvement in the community? (Think about certain types of players, or attitudes, etc, not problems with the games themselves)

    4. What are your goals as a Pokemon gamer? (Feel free to list several)

    And finally...

    5. What are some terms used by the community? (Basically terms that an outsider would not immediately comprehend, example: Tiers, Clauses)

    My goal is to produce an accurate and robust analysis of the Pokemon community.
    Thank you all in advance! I look forward to reading your views.
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