Thread: [B2W2] Rate my team please.
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braviary flaafy gigalithe

heres a brief overview of your pokemon:
Charmelion: his bashful nature is a neutral nature so it won't hinder or boost anything. His evolution charizard is very strong in special attack, so his moves should be around flamethrower, airslash. Add a bit of coverage so thunder punch, or earth quake would be good. Preverably a grass type move, like solar beam (hits water and rock) but solar beam is only useful in sunny weather. In dream world I think charizard gets solar power as an ability, it gets his special attack doubled in the sun. By adding a grass type to your team you could really imorove it.

Wartortle: his relaxed nature increases defence (^-^) but deacreses speed (._.) Its not to bad around wartortle but braviery is seriouly down graded... Well anywho a blastoice makes a good wall and deal with any fire, rock, and many other pokemon, but mainly by outlasting them. The perfect way is like so
Dragon tail
With this set scald is used as a STAB move, ice beam to hit grass types, and toxic plus dragon tail to srew up any tactic used by the apponent. In any battle I prefer to induce status and then after the apponent is weakened I procied to attack. Blastoise is a perfect user of this tactic.
Genesect: his adamant nature -special attack +attack. So he should have physical moves instead, but you had a good idea going there. Ummmm heres a good set
Magnet bomb
hone claws
Flame charge
Bug bite x-scissor or technoblalst(water) Could be used to cover fire but its a specual attack move so its hoing against this set. Hone claws plus a flame charge could give you sweeping capabilities.
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