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    Pokengine is an online, browser-based Pokemon MMO in development; this means it is not necessary to download anything, and you will be able to play the game simply by going to the game's website and logging in. The game is coded in HTML5.
    Hence the project's name, Pokengine, there also exists a collection of proprietary online browser-based tools, made for the sole purpose of editing and building the game. Some of these tools, such as the TileFuser, are freely available for use by anyone. Anybody can help in building the content that will be in the final game.
    The goal for the project is also for users to be able to create their own games within it - their own regions, maps, stories, pokemon, the works.

    Pokengine is open for Beta testers right now! Simply go to, make an account, then go in the IRC and ask for an invite!


    A party we had recently:


    Anchore Town - The starting town in Bombur.

    Pallet Town

    Bombur Wild Pokemon Battle

    Glitch Battle


    Kyledove is currently working hard on his Atlas region:

    Picked on-site:

    The MMO page itself can be customised extensively. You can move the UI elements around, and pick a colour scheme:

    How to Make Your Own Stuff

    Currently, users can make maps, using our proprietary tool, the TileFuser. You can make as many maps as you like on your own account! However, for Nintendo regions, you have to submit them for approval (see below). In the near future, we are planning to release the second tool, the MapBuilder, to the public - where all the map coding happens. From there, creators will be able to access and walk around on their own maps, and invite other users to play on them.
    Past that, we're open to suggestions!

    Staff-Created Content

    We are intending to write all-new stories for Nintendo's regions within the Pokengine staff. However, we want users to submit their own updated versions of Nintendo maps!

    The first custom region is Bombur, a project by the Pokemon Factory. Bombur is a lush and varied region, full of secrets to discover. It will be populated with over 700 fanmade pokemon.

    The second to be added is kyledove's Atlas. Atlas is a giant region that encompasses all kinds of habitats from all over the world, hence the name Atlas. There are currently 200 pokemon with more being discovered all the time.


    All current Nintendo pokemon are programmed in and open for use. We are also adding the Pokemon Factory's pokemon - over 750 of them. This includes three new types, Light, Magic and Wind. Purist creators can keep that aspect out of their games if desired.
    Kyledove is adding the ~200 pokemon in his Dream Dex project!
    In the future, creators will be able to add their own pokemon and even types, although the latter presents some organisational challenges.
    Pokemon will also be able to have regional formes - meaning creators can make changes to Nintendo pokemon as they appear within their region.

    The Community

    The heart of Pokengine is the community. We are most active in our IRC channel, #pokengine on freenode. The IRC tab of the site will take you to an in-browser IRC client. IRC is the best place to get to know us and start joining in. Close second is the main part of the site, the phorums. This is the best place to find information, play games, and speculate about Homestuck.
    The project lead of Pokengine is Jext. He's the genius who has coded everything and made it all possible.
    Admins: AndrewFM, bonzairob, kyledove, Sneaky and Streak.
    Staff: Alpaquick, Cacapulse, Drufle, elementalpenguin, Miravistel, Moppnttef, Poryhedron, RGCockatrices, ShinE, ZeldaFan.


    Overworld is mostly complete (still to come: weather, HMs, most music and sounds, some NPC things, lighting).
    Battles are currently being coded!
    26th Dec - Evolutions have been added!
    31st Dec - Glitch Battle music added to this post, talking to your following pokemon added!
    1st Jan - More information on kyledove's Atlas region has been added!

    The best way to see it is to play!

    Gaining Beta Tester Access

    The phorums are free to join, but the MMO itself is currently invite-only. Sign up on the phorums, come in IRC and chat to us, and we'll give you an invite! Most of us spend a lot of time idling on IRC, so just mention peoples' names until someone responds.
    The MMO requires Chrome, Opera or Safari. A decent internet connection is also a bonus, but not required!
    Come and join in!