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    By making your own monsters, it's more along the lines of people making entire regions and pokedexes, rather than just individual pokemon. Otherwise the game will quickly fill up with people's base-stat-999 MS Paint penises. So, within regions, you'll still be able to catch them all.

    Most of what I specified in the post takes this regional view, so a regional form would be an option to change how Nintendo pokemon appear in your region. Like making Lanturn Water/Light, or adding a new Arbok sprite.

    Each region will start self-contained, until the player beats its league. After that, it would be up to the region creators - both whether their creations are allowed out, and whether others are allowed in. We would also have some tuning available to people putting together tournaments, for instance.

    Still, this is all just how it looks things will go, for now - we'll decide it when we get there. Rest assured, we'll take the most reasonable option on these things. It won't be unprofessional.