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Back when I was younger I decided to redraw some of the Pokemon Card images on paper much bigger than they appear on said card (so it wasn't tracing). There was one Espeon card that I drew and it turns out so amazingly well to me that I started drawing more and more. Thus my minor passion in drawing from time to time sprouted due to that Espeon drawing. If I didn't draw it I don't think I would have drawn as much as I have and always wanting to find the time and have the materials to get a chance to draw more.

This guy for a muuuuch simpler reason. First Pokemon I ever got and was also the first and only Pokemon that I have ever gotten to Level 100 (as a Feraligatr but details). Also I was one of those who only trained one Pokemon so I had a lot of fun with it. I love it and its evolution line; I thought Feraligatr was so cool that I renamed it from 'Toto' to 'Cooly' when it evolved because I was an eight year old dork that way. But I will always love it for all the good and fun time it has given me. ♥

There are other Pokemon that are really dear to me but I don't think any other of my favorites have anything that could top these two (Espeon especially). This looks like of silly to some because one is an eeveelution and one is a starter - things people look down upon for some reason - but I really couldn't care less.
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