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Y'all gunna let this die after the interesting responses? Pfft.

Originally Posted by Mac View Post
I think Team Plasma was slowly building up their massive fortress and just getting started with everything that they were planning to do. It was a quiet time, but there was a lot going on behind the scenes! N was working with Ghetsis, seemingly in harmony, on their master plan that would go into effect during the storyline. They worked on introducing some more Pokemon into the region, specifically in Eastern Unova to give people time to bond with them... so they could take them away later, causing more pain!
I don't think that they necessarily introduced them, and rather they just kind of... came. Because if so that means that the people in Lacunosa would've introduced them (at the time they'd still be afraid of Kyurem), or those in Undella who were relaxing. I guess it would make sense if there was mass tourism, bringing in the newer Pokemon in that side.

Originally Posted by LividZephyr View Post
Yeah, it was a peaceful time that seemed like nothing was happening, but Team Plasma was building their castle and gathering the forces to do so. They were suddenly becoming a big threat that nobody knew about.

There are also several minor things, like Drayden training Iris, new construction in... I'm not sure where. I really don't know, but two years before BW1... there isn't enough to make a game out of. I don't expect to get a Unova prequel. I really can't think of much for one.
Ya good point about gym leaders, like, I don't think Elesa would actually be a gym leader then tbh. I think she'd still be off modelling, which means Nimbasa might've been something else completely in terms of a gym - grass maybe? I mean there's a lot of bushland around and it'd help to beat the next gym leader following.

lol I think it'd be awesome, but unlikely. ;(

Originally Posted by GolurkIsDaBomb View Post
Two years ago, I think Unova was a lot simpler and more rural. Sky Arrow Bridge didn't exist, so people had to take a ferry. Route $ hadn't even been started, and few people lived or worked there, so to get from Castelia to Nimbasa, one had to chance a harsh desert. A person working in this harsh desert was an archeoligist named Lenora and her husband. They found the Dark/Light Stone and some new fossils (plume and cover, but they also had others) they had found, they set up an exhibit in Nacrene City. Lenora would battle trainers who came to look at their exhibit. Lenora soon was called by the Pokemon League asking if she wanted to be a gym leader. With the salary Lenora was making with her new job, they were able to open the museum(/gym)

Ghetsis had just begun to recruit members of team plasma, and putting his plan into motion. The seven sages were a cult-like group who Ghetsis commanded, and revered him almost like a high priest, and N as their rightful monarch. This helped to ensnare young ginger pokemon trainers into the ranks of team plasma. Alder had just lost his partner, and afterwards started to travel. Caitlin moved from the Sinnoh region to the Unova region to become a member of the Elite Four. Non Unova pokemon had began to appear at the edges of Unova, and some Unova pokemon like Audino, Emolga and Axew began to appear, but they were even rarer than they are already (shaking grass didn't appear very often) Also, deerling began to change with the season and a year or so later the Research Lab on route 6 would spring up. (haha season puns) A rich man found Victini, and wanting to protect it built Liberty Island.

The daycare on route 3 existed, but the preschool did not. Twist Mountain could not be passed through easily, as there was a lot of Debris from Clay's mining. So, Pokemon trainers would have to either climb over/around, but eventually a pilot from Mistralton began to fly trainers over the mountain once a week or so until the mountain was finally safe enough to travel through (about 6 months prior to BW) Iris began her training under Drayden and soon (within a year) rivaled his strength. In Undella town one of the Riches' cousins who lived in Lacunosa disappeared (he was eaten be Kyurem) and because the Riches' believed the legend, they all became pokemon trainers so as to be able to protect themselves. Also, the Abyssal ruins were discovered for the first time.

Well, that's all I got for right now! I'll add in later anymore of what I think Unova was like.
Route money. I like. For Ghetsis it seems like he'd have started many years earlier, tbh. He does have a pretty big following, afterall. As for Mistralton I kind of doubt that, though, given that Skyla didn't even offer you a flight in B/W!

Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
Nonetheless, I think it would be neat to hack in a small part of Unova on an existing G/S/C or R/S/E (or an E hack of C or somesuch) and just create a blockage somewhere that never opens up, thus giving players a chance to see a pre-Unova. Mistralton back to Castelia with the bridge closed and Route 16 being a dead-end with Marvellous not built yet (or even ship-linked), Twist Mountain inaccessible, construction on Castelia Bridge, Gyms are not yet in place except that they can be bonus fighting dojos, the Pokémon League is not officially created yet there, and all with accurate Pokémon hacked in. That might be neat. :)

But there are some of my thoughts. Twist Mountain isn't open yet as someone else said, Village Bridge and the other side do exist, but are their own independent area and not connected; Opelucid isn't built up yet, Icirrus City is a construction worker's city until Twist Mountain is built, Undella City and Lacunosa do exist and their Routes, a ship links Routes 15 and 16 (perhaps yet to be named, or in the case of Route 16, another name if my idea is used somewhere), giving construction access to Black City/White Forest (the gatehouse can be entered, but you cannot go past). I think a hack with a bonus area of Castelia, Nimbasa (without all the extra stuff, a younger version), Driftveil, and Mistralton would actually be very cool. It'd be neat to see someone's interpretation of this area at the time of the other game.

Good topic!

Go hack gogo. Icirrus would be a terrible place to stay for construction, though, wouldn't it make sense if it was just like a far-away winter retreat while Driftveil was the workers city?

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