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BW2 – Black Tower Mono-Type Challenge.

Goal: Complete all 10 levels of Black Tower (or White Tree Hollow) with only one type of Pokemon.

Most challenge threads require you to start a new game and play to the end. That is a great thing. However, This challenge is different because you do not need to start a new game to participate. Black Tower and White Tree Hollow are long enough and challenging enough that building a new team to conquer the Tower is a challenge all by itself.

  1. All Pokemon must share 1 type (duh)
  2. No Saving. If you Lose, you Lose. (You can't use saving to help you explore the levels. If you only use saving honestly to take a break, that is OK.)
Optional Rules:
  1. Only use 3-4 Pokemon on Level 1-5. (Those levels are supposed to be easier, so use less than 6 Pokemon)
Very Optional Rules:
  1. Only use Pure Type Pokemon. (no dual type Pokemon)
  2. Don't use any Pokemon with Recovery Moves
  3. Only use One Pokemon. (This way ALL of your Pokemon are the same type.)
  4. No Legendary Pokemon. (Legends are not banned by the game itself.)
  5. Only use one Doctor per Level. (instead of one on each floor.)
  6. Never use a Doctor.

I have a week off for Thanksgiving before the month of November 2012 is over, so I'll start the challenge then.

Probably a Dragon Type Challenge. Considering how many Vanilluxe, Blastioise, and Milotic I saw on my first clear of Black Tower... This is going to hurt.

I have EV Bred Kingdra, Dragonite, Garchomp, and Haxorus. I want to make a Salamance too.


Name: SnowpointQuincy
Place: Black Tower
Type: Dragon

Black Tower
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